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The Lost Black Legion is a book written by Samuel Asbell. Sam was unable to find a publisher and so a friend published it to the web. This is the second version of the site. The first version of this site was developed by George Vale in 1999 . George did all the heavy lifting. He got the text of the book into html and prepared/created many of the illustrations(most notably the cemetery maps). His work provided a means for a useful body of information to be made available to the public. The developer of this second site gratefully acknowledges his debt to George and appreciates all his hard work. This current version boasts a different look, some additional images and somewhat improved navigation.

It should be understood that none of the folks in the header, with two possible exceptions, are from Camden County. Those two exceptions are the men in the very light uniforms who flank the picture of Powhatan Beatty. Those two individuals were in a group photo of colored troops from Camo William Penn.

This web site was built using Dreamweaver MX, BBEdit, Adobe Imagestyler and Adobe Photoshop. The typeface used for the contents is Arial. Non graphic text in the header and footer is set in Times New Roman.


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