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Scott's 1876 Combination Atlas of Burlington County

NJA Volume 21 Calendar of Records

History of Parvin State Park

Placenames of Salem County

Cape May County Postcards

Hessian Maps

Medford Historic Sites

Gloucester County Slavery Records

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Latest Thing:

There will be some changes and additions coming in 2021.  The look of the site and some of it's organization will be chamging.  There will also be, new material made available.  Don't hold your breath.  This stuff takes time.  The result should be a better web site for you all. - Still working on it...


Don't forget our maps section. There's a lot of new material. You may find sonething helpful or useful there.

Check out West Jersey History on Facebook, There are pictures, text and people both asking and answering questions. Stop by, join up and joim the fun.

More Cumberland County Stuff hass been posted. D.L Steward's 1876 Atlas of Cumberland County and L.Q.C. Elmer's History of the Early Settlement and Progress of Cumberland County have put out for your entertainment and use.

Check out the Notes on Cumberland County Place Names in our books section. While it really is a work in progress you might find something usefuul there already. This is the first of some Cumberland County material on the way to you.

Have a look at the Maps from J.D. Scott's Combination Atlas Map of Burlington County. It's like a window into 1876.

We have a new digital version of Place Names of Salem County N.J. by Josephine Jaquett and Elmer VanName. Check it out to learn all sorts of things you never



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