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This is where the books are located. The format of this page isn’t overly elegant but we think it will do for the time being. In any case, the books are, for the moment, being arranged in nearly the same way as the documents. We hope you find these books and pamplets useful in one way or another. We also hope to be making a lot of additions to this section. If you’d like to help fill this page please let us know.

Region State County Township Local Misc
The Quaker Colonies by Sydney G. Fisher

History of Nova Cæsarea by Samuel Smith

Place Names of Salem County N.J. by Josephine Jaquett and Elmer VanName Moorestown and Her Neighbors by George DeCou Historical Sketch of Cropwell Meeting  
  Battles and Skirmishes of the Revolutionary War in New Jersey by David C. Munn Notes on Cumberland County Place Namesby Lots of People Placenames in and about Haddonfield by William R. Farr    
  NEW JERSEY COLONIAL RECORDS: Volume 21 Calendar of Records 1664-1703 HISTORY OF THE Early Settlement and Progress of Cumberland County NEW JERSEY; AND OF THE CURRENCY OF THIS AND THE ADJOINING COLONIES. BY LUCIUS Q. C. ELMER A Self-Guided Tour of
63 of Medfordπs Historic Sites
    Watermills of Camden County by William Farr      


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