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Watermills of Camden County - by William Farr - Table of Contents


This book already has an introduction so I won't go on long here.  I just want to say that it is an amazing piece of scholarship from a man who was one of the foremost regional historians of his generation.  Bill was an amazing guy.  He was a formidible researcher yet was helpful to beginning historians.  He had a glacial stare that could drill right through you but could be as warm and genous as a summer day.  Bill was not perfect, there are a couple of places in this book that testify to that, but you know, 99% or thereabouts isn't so bad.  It's been a few years since Bill passed on.  I still miss him though. He was a great guy.   So, it is with a great deal of pleasure that I'm making the first run at this work, useful to historians, geneologists and others, available to the general public.



Introduction Chapter I Chapter S
Chapter A Chapter J Chapter T
Chapter B Chapter K Chapter V
Chapter C Chapter L ChapterW
Chapter D Chapter M  
Chapter E Chapter N Map
Chapter F Chapter O  
Chapter G Chapter P Glossary
Chapter H Chapter R Bibliography





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