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Watermills of Camden County - By William Farr - Chapter D


Richard Davis was assessed by Gloucester Township in 1795 for one-half a fulling mill and 103 acres of land. The writer has not been able to verify his ownership of the mill, nor of the land (and his land ownership may not have been connected with a fulling mill), nor to otherwise identify him.

DODD’S (WILLIAM) GRISTMILL (Josiah Sharp’s Gristmill)
There is a bit of mystery about this gristmill, which was located somewhere in Waterford Township. Except for a couple of years for which copies are not available, the Waterford Township ratables show William Dodd (sometimes Dod) having this unlocated gristmill, with 34 acres, from 1780 through 1802 (the latest year available to the writer). The 1779 list, which does not show the assessment of any mills, does not mention Dodd but shows Josiah Sharp owning 34 acres. The writer has not been able to find any other reference to either man, Except that Prowell lists a William Dod as a subscriber to St. Mary’s Church, Colestown, in 1796 (p. 733).



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