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Watermills of Camden County - By William Farr - Bibliography






Office of the Surveyor General. Records of the Council of Proprietors of West Jersey.
Cited as OSG ___).


Camden County Historical Society.
Manuscript Collections.
Albertson Collection.

Bateman, Fred.
“A Few Recollections, Grenloch, 1842-1917.” undated typescript (GBAT).

Boyer, Charles S.
Place Name Cards. Some Early Surveys inCamden County.

English, Stewart and W. S. Parks, Jr.
“A History of Chews Landing.” typescript.

Gloucester Township Tax Book. 1841. (Mss 505).

Iannacone, Laura J.
“The Origin of Commerce on Timber Creek.” (Mss 593).

Morgan, John D. F. Collections.
Map of Mill Seat from Hunt’s Dam to Floodgates.
“New Creek Dam.” Miscellaneous Documents. (70.78.3).

Sharp, Anthony and Noel Mew.
unrecorded survey D-33.


Manuscript Maps.

Atsion Lands. (M.83.90.14).

Cheesman (Richard) Survey. (M.83.90.216).

Cheesman (Thomas) Survey. (M.77.100).

Clement, John.
Road survey Cooper’s Creek to Van Sciver’s Tavern. (M.83.90.21).
Survey. (M.83.90.16).

Map Showing Location of Upton. (M.83.90.32).

Clementon Land Plan, Map of. 1893. (M.83.90.22).

Gill (John) Survey. 1863. (M.83.90.722).

Githens (Thomas) Survey (Stoy Property). (M.83.90.6).

Glover (James), Lands of. (M.83.90.189).

Hunt (Ralph) Plantation, Draught of. (M.96.22).
Marvin, Harry.
Howell, (Zophar C.) Plan of Estate. (M.

Map Showing Original Surveys Camden to Haddonfield. (M.82.90.5).
Old Tuckerton Road, Map of. (M.96.27).
Winslow Township, Map of. 1928. (M.83.90.347).

Mickle Isaac. Division of Lands. 1826. (M.83.90.640).

Morgan (George) Plantation. (M83.90.702).

Newton Township Minutes (where??)

Pancoast, Richard M.
Map of Mount Ephraim andBlackwoodtown Railway, 1877. (M.70.67.3).

Redman (Thomas) Division. 1854. (M.74.56.5).

Rowand (J. Lewis) Survey. 1861.

(Stoy Property). (M.83.90.260).

Shiver’s Landing Road Map. (M.93.90.139).

Sickler (Matthias) Survey. (M.83.90.54).

Town of Raleigh, formerly Atsion, Map of. (M.83.90.414).

Tomlinson (Joshua) Survey. (M.83.90.26).

Trenton. New Jersey Bureau of Geology and Topography.

Camden County Stream Map, 1955.

West Haddonfield Land Company, Map of. (M.74.564).

Ward (George). map with unrecorded deed.

West Jersey Title & Guaranty Company.
Gloucester Township, Map of. (M.83.97.2).

Voorhees Township, Map of. (M.83.117.1).


Published Maps.

Baist, G. Wm.
Map of Camden and Vicinity. Philadelphia: Wm. G. Baist.1887. (M.93.90.676). (Cited as Baist 1887 Map of Camden and Vicinity).

Barnes, R.L. and Lloyd Vanderveer.
Map of Camden County. Philadelphia: Edward H. Saunders, City Engineer, Frederick C. Merry, County Engineer. Friend and Aub, Engineers. 1856. (M.83.90.746). (Cited as Barnes and Vanderveer, Map of Camden County). Inset on this map is Saunders, Edward H. Map of the City of Camden, New Jersey. 1855. (Cited as Saunders 1855 Map of City of Camden).

Bettlewood Land Company, Map of.
n.p.: Bettlewood Land Company. n.d. (M.83.90.102).

Champion Map Co.
Map of Camden County. Cornwall Heights, Pa: Champion Map Company. ca. 1960. (M.81.45.37).

Clement, John.
Map of Camden County. Haddonfield: JohnClement, Jr. 1846. (M.83.90.303).

Delaware Township Street and Road Map. n.p. ca.1946. (M.83.90.427).

Faden, William.
The Province of New Jersey, Divided into East and West, commonly called The Jerseys. Charing Cross, England: 1777. (M.83.90.365).

Franklin Survey Co.
Map of Camden & Vicinity, Philadelphia: Franklin Survey Co. 1935. (M.77.46.4) (Cited as Franklin, 1935 Map of Camden and Vicinity).

Gordon, Thomas [F.].
Map of the State of New Jersey with part of the adjoining states. Trenton: Published by the author. H.S.Tanner, Engraver. 1828. (M.83.90.752).

Gordon, Thomas.
Map of New Jersey. 1834. (with Gordon’s Gazetteer) (M.83.90.290).

Hills, John.
A Plan of the City of Philadelphia and environs. 1809. [revised to Dec. 1814]. (M.83.90.670).
A Sketch of Haddonfield, West New Jersey county. 1778. (HSH copy)

Hopkins, G[riffith] M[organ].
Map of New Jersey showing towns and counties. Philadelphia: G.M. Hopkins. 1877. (M.83.90.595).

Map of Camden New Jersey and Vicinity. Philadelphia: G.M. Hopkins.1907. (M.83.90.474).

Horner, Robert E.
Map of the State of New Jersey. revised 1853. Philadelphia: H.S. Tanner, Engraver. Cary and Holt Publishers. (M.83.90.568).

Lake, D.J. and S.N. Beers.
Map of the Vicinity of Philadelphia. Philadelphia: C.K. Stone, A. Pomeroy, Publishers. 1860. (M.83.90.572).

Nunan, C.P.
Map of the Township of Gloucester. n.p.: P. Nunan, Suveyor. 1850. (M.83.90.449).
Revised Map of the City of Camden (L.E.Farnum, City Engineer). Philadelphia: Edward Stern & Co. 1895. (M.83.90.763).

Road Map of Camden County. Camden: Albertson, J.J., County Eng. 1919. (Boyer Collection. No. 306).

Sidney, J.C.
Map of the Township of Delaware. Philadelphia: ca.1850 (M.83.90.481).
Plan of the Townships of Union and Newton. [Philadelphia?, n.d.]. (M.83.90.481).

[Smith, R.P.].
Map of the Vicinity of Philadelphia. 1851 (M.2001.74, n.b. obtained from Library of Congress)

Map of Vicinity of Philadelphia from actual surveys. 1851. (photocopy) (M.

Walker, G.H.
Map of Camden County. 1877. NY: G.H. Walker, 1877. (M.83.90.562).
Walker Lithograph & Publishing Co. Southern New Jersey. Boston, Ma. 1898

Watson, William.
Map of New Jersey. Philadelphia: W. Harrison, Engraver. 1812. (M.83.90.719).

Yocum, Jacob H. Jr.
Map of the City of Camden. Philadelphia: Fred[erick] Bourquin. 1875. (M.83.90.582).

Greenville, De.

Hagley Library, Christopher Sickler’s Ledger No. 5


Camden County Clerk’s Office.

Deeds (Cited as Camden ___).

Maps. (Cited as Map file ___).

Miscellaneous Record Books. (Cited as Camden Misc Record Bk ___).

Mortgages. (Cited as Camden Mortgages___).

Road Returns. (Cited as Cam RR ___).

Camden County Surrogates Office.

Surrogate’s Division and Dower Books.

Will Books



Haddonfield Historical Society.

Julia Bedford Gill genealogy manuscript.

Carrie Hartel manuscript “Smiths of Haddonfield.”

Thomas Sharp.
Copies of maps of Re-Surveys of land in and about Haddonfield.

Rowand Collection.
Rowand’s Map of the John C. Hopkins Farm (HSH Acc # Ha 26)


Haverford, Pennsylvania.

Haverford College Library.

The Quaker Collection.

The Haddon-Estaugh-Hopkins Collection.


Mt. Holly.

Burlington County Clerk’s Office.

Deeds (Cited as Mt. Holly ___).

William R.Farr Collection.

New Jersey Geological Survey Atlas. Sheet 31, 1958 edition. (Cited as Topo 31, 1958).

West Jersey Title & Guaranty Company. Map of Centre Township, 1910.

Winslow Township Map (Hoppe, C.E.), 1928


New Brunswick.

Rutgers University Library. Special Collections and Archives.

Benjamin B. Cooper Collection. (Cited as B.B. Cooper Collection).


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Historical Society of Pennsylvania.

Foster-Clement Collection. Box 10.

Map of Haddon-field [sic] and Vicinity. n.d.
John Clement Collection.

Maps and Drafts.

Newton Township Minutes.

Notes, Maps & Memoranda

Warrants & Surveys



New Jersey Department of State. Division of Archives and Records Management.

Colonial Deeds. (Cited as Colonial Deeds ___).

County Tax Ratables.

Gloucester Township Minute Book, 1747-1808.

Map Showing…Proposed Extension of the Camden, Gloucester and Mount Ephraim R’y From Mount Ephraim to Spring Mill. 17 September 1889.

Secretary of State Records.Wills. (Cited with original file numbers, whenever possible).

Washington, D.C.

United States Coastal and Geodetic Survey.

Geological Survey Maps of New Jersey. (7.5 min. quadrangles) (Cited as ___ Quad., year).

Geological Survey Maps of Pennsylvania. (15 min. quadrangles) (Cited as ___ Quad., year).



Gloucester County Clerk’s Office.

Boundaries & Division Books.

Deeds. (Cited as Woodbury ___).

Mortgages. Cited as Woodbury Mortgages___).

Road Returns. (Cited as Glo RR ___).

Gloucester County Surrogate’s Office.

Division and Dower Book (Cited as Glo Co. Surr Div Bk___)

Will Books

Gloucester County Historical Society.


Chestnut, Ridge and Sparks Family (Sparks Collection). Vol. 2, Parts 1 & 2. typescript.

Gloucester County Freeholder Minutes,

Johnson, Viola (Author & Compiler).
Davistown: History and Genealogy, 2001.

Kemble, Howard R.
South Jersey Grist Mills. typescript.

Sickler, Josiah B. Day Book.
Tice, Richard Howell II.
“Three-score and Ten Plus The Record of a Life.” typescript.

Works Progress Administration.
Transcriptions of the First-Quarter Century Documents of Old Gloucester County. 1930.


Manuscript Maps.

Brewer Division Map (Surveys 157b).

Cheesman (Joseph) Survey. (Surveys A-230a).

Cheesman (Maj. Peter) Survey. (Surveys C-38).

Clement (Samuel) to John Kathcart, unrecorded lands. (GL-39).

Fisher Survey of Lands. (Survey B-165).

Foster, J.J.
Map of Deptford Township. 1831. (M-3).

Hunt Division of Lands. 1842. (Surveys B-105).
Jennett (James) Farm Survey. (Surveys A-128).

Marvin, Harry.
Map of Zophar Howell’s Estate.
(Surveys A-345).

Report of the Commission to Establish the Boundaries of Newton and Gloucester Town townships. (L-29).

Ward (Josiah) Cedar Swamp Survey.
(Surveys A-241).

Published Maps

Saunders, Edward H. Grade Chart of Gloucester City, 1868 (J-22).
Sidney, J.C. Map of the Circuit of Ten Miles Around the City of Philadelphia. (photocopy. GC-5A).




American Weekly

Batsto Citizens Gazette. Batsto, NJ: Batsto Citizens Committee. 1966-

Camden County Historical Society. Bulletin. Camden: Camden County Historical Society. various dates;

History Journal. various dates.

Camden (NJ) Daily Telegram.

Camden(NJ) Democrat. November 1868-June 1908.

Camden (NJ) Mail and General Advertiser

Columbia Herald

Community News. Merchantville, NJ.

The Constitution. Woodbury, NJ.

Courier-Post. Camden, NJ.

Friend, The

Genealogical Magazine of New Jersey. Newark: Genealogical Society of New Jersey. July 1925-

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Gloucester Farmer

Haddonfield Herald Weekly

Herald & Gloucester Farmer. Woodbury, NJ.

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The Suburban. Cherry Hill, NJ.

Tri-City Sun, Collingswood, NJ.

Village Herald

Village Herald and Advertiser

West Jersey Press. Camden, NJ.

West Jerseyman. Camden, NJ.




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Camden County Street & Zip Code Atlas. n.p. Franklin Survey Co. n.d.

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Tax Maps, municipal. (Cited as ___ Tax Map).

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Zoning maps, municipal. (Cited as ___ Zoning Map).




(Are all 3 archives series listed?)

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