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Battles and Skirmishes - Red Bank to Zabriskies

RED BANK April 26, 1779
Two divisions of British troops raid Monmouth County. One strikes TINTON FALLS and Red Bank. Second party marches on SHREWSBURY and MIDIJLETOWN. British plunder inhabitants and burn several houses and barns.
NJA 2, III, 320-321.
Manderville, Middletowri, 64.

RED BANK June 9, 1780
Col. Ty{e] (a mulatto slave named Titus) with twenty blacks and whites captures American Capt. Barnes Smock and Capt. Gilbert Vanmater.
NJA 2, IV, 434-435.


RINGOES December 14, 1776
Party of rebels kill British Coronet Geary from ambush.
Am. Arch., 5, III, 1277.

ROCKY POINT July 26, 1781
Americans capture three British refugee boats.
NJA 2, V, 279.

ROCKY POINT May25, 1782
Capt. Adam Hyler (Am.) leads his crew against British in combined naval and land action.
Koke, NY Quarterly, 41,301.

SADDLE CREEK April 16, 1780
Maj. Johann Christian [DuPuy] DuBuy (Br.) overruns pickets posted on bridge.
NJA 2, IV, 306-307.



SALEM February 26, 1778
Captain Barry, under direction of Gen. Anthony Wayne, destroys large quantity of hay before enemy boats appear to stop him.
Stewart, Salem, 37.

SALEM March 17, 1778
Militia and British foraging party skirmish outside Salem.
Stewart, Salem, 47.
NJA 2, II, 129.

SALEM CREEK March 17, 1778
Americans fire upon British foraging party at mouth of Creek.
Stewart, Salem, 47.

SAMPTOWN March 9, 1777
Maj. William Butler drives in an enemy picket guard. British suffer four killed and seven horses captured.
NJA 2, 1, 320.

SAMPTOWN June 26, 1777
Force under command of Sir William Howe and Lord Charles Cornwallis falls in with Col. Daniel Morgan's (Am.) Corps of Rangers. Casualties are heavy.
Clayton, Middlesex, 78-79.

SANDY HOOK January 23, 1776
William Alexander, Lord Stirling (Am.), captures ship Blue
Mountain Valley at Elizabethtown.
NJA 2,1, 25.26.
Am. Arch., 4 Ser., IV, 987-989.

SANDY HOOK April 19, 1776
William Tryon (Br.) burns pilot house at Hook,
NJA 2, 1, 92-93.




SANDY HOOK June 21, 1776
Three hundred militia attack British post at lighthouse.
NJA 2, 1, 132.

SANDY HOOK July 3, 1776
Five hundred Rebels with two brass pieces attack Sandy Hook lighthouse.
Naval Does., V, 962-963.

SANDY HOOK February 13, 1777
British kill Pvt. John Bruce in skirmish at cedars near Hook.
NJA 2, 1, 291-292.

SANDY HOOK March 1, 1777
Two hundred fifty Rebels attack lighthouse on Sandy Hook. Garrison and guns of warship Syren beat them back.
NJA 2,I, 310.

SANDY HOOK September 1778
Naval engagement occurs prior to Sept. 27, off Sandy Hook.
NJA 2, 11, 445.

SANDY HOOK January 7, 1779
American privateers take four sloops from inside Sandy Hook.
NJA 2, IlI, 41.

SANDY HOOK April 26, 1779
Monmouth County militia, in response to British raids on RED BANK, SHREWSBURY, TINTON FALLS and MIDDLETOWN, rally and chase enemy to boats near the gut. Americans kill one and take one prisoner. British get off with several prisoners and some cattle and horses.
NJA 2, III, 300-301.



SANDY HOOK September 11, 1779
Three Rebel privateers chase privateer Dunm ore into Sandy Hook.
NJ A2, III, 616.

SANDY HOOK January 12, 1780
Capt. Michael Rudolph (Am.) of Maj. Henry Lee's Rangers lands on Sandy Hook, captures seven of the enemy and confiscates 45,000 counterfeit continental dollars.
NJA 2, IV, 134-135.
NJ Gazette, 19 Jan. 1780, 3.

SANDY HOOK January 15, 1780
Forty men under Captain Patten (Am.) surprise two schooners and a sloop in ice off Sandy Hook and destroy them, taking prisoners and plunder.
NJA 2, IV, 154-155.

SANDY HOOK April 15, 1780
British ship Galatea drives rebel brig ashore.
NJA 2, IV, 308.

SANDY HOOK October 5, 1781
Capt. Adam Hyler (Am.) captures five ships inside Sandy Hook.
NJA 2,V, 306.

SANDY HOOK October 24, 1781
Capt. Adam Hyler (Am.) captures six men in raid on Refugee town near Sandy Hook.
NJA 2, V, 320.

SANDY HOOK May 25, 1782
Naval skirmish occurs in the gut.
NJA 2, V, 447.



SANDY HOOK June 1782
Capt. Adam Hyler (Am.) destroys several boats during raid.
NJDOD #3782.

SANDY HOOK July 2, 1782
Capt. Adam Hyler (Am.) destroys privateer inside the Hook.
Hornor, Monmouth, 53-54.

SCHUYLER'S FERRY September 11, 12, 13, 1777
Gen. Henry Clinton leads foraging raid into the Jerseys intended to be a diversion for Gen. William Howe's Philadelphia campaign which continues for three days.
NJA 2, 11, 42-44.

SCOTCH PLAINS June 26, 1777
British Army under Gen. William Howe and Americans have series of skirmishes in the WOODBRIDGE and WESTFIELD area. Main action is battle of SHORT HILLS.
NJA 2, I, 428, 477.
Clayton, Middlesex, 78-79.

SCOTCH PLAINS June 14, 1780
"Party of Villains" comes from Staten Island to steal horses. Americans capture three, kill one Tory with no losses.
NJ A2, IV, 458.

SECAUCUS April 2, 1777
Rebels on foraging raid gather all the grain, borses, cows and sheep possible. Have to swim the Hackensack River for want of boats.
NJA 2, 1, 331.

SECAUCUS September 17, 1780
Refugees take three rebel officers in raid.
NJ A2,IV, 646.



SECOND RIVER January 27, 1777
Skirmish occurs between British foraging party and large body of rebels.
NJA 2, I, 271-272.

SECOND RIVER June 1, 1779
Militia captures Tory named Lawrence as he enlists men for the British Army.
NJ A 2, III, 408.

SHABBACONK CREEK January 2, 1777
This initial part of the second battle of Trenton, constitutes a holding action by the Americans under Cot. Edward Hand. Americans stop British march and cause them to bring up artillery. Action delays British for two hours and allows Washington time to prepare defenses at the ASSUNPINK. Before Hand abandons his position, he sends troops to prepare next holding position at STOCKTON HOLLOW.
Smith, Princeton, 13-18.

SHARK RIVER April 7, 1778
Party of "Greens" and "Highlanders" destroy two small salt works.
NJA 2, II, 170-171.

SHORT HILLS June 26, 1777
Gen. William Howe attacks William Alexander, Lord Stirling's division at Metuchen Meeting House.
Boatner, 1006.

SHREWSBURY January 15, 1777
British kill Pvt. Amon Davis, Cumberland County militia.



SHREWSBURY February 12, 1777
Col. William Erskine (Br.) attacks the rebels in quarters, kills many and takes 70 prisoners.
Baurmeister, Revolution, 84,

SHREWSBURY October 3, 1777
Captain Taylor (Tory), commander at the lighthouse, falls in with Capt. John Dennis (Am.) and troop of rebel light horse, captures Dennis and six others and sends them to New York City.
NJA 2, 1, 473-474.

SHREWSBURY November 5, 1777
Tories from Sandy Hook destroy salt works.
NJA 2, 1, 485.

SHREWSBURY January 26, 1779
Militia kills three "Pine-Banditti."
NJ Gazette, 3 Feb. 1779, 3.

SHREWSBURY April 26, 1779
Large detachment of British invade Monmouth County, raiding Shrewsbury and the surrounding area including RED BANK, T1NTON FALLS and MIDDLETOWN.
NJA 2, II1, 300-301.
Baurmeister, Revolution, 271.

SHREWSBURY June 10, 1779
Party of Refugees capture Cols. Daniel Hendrickson and Auke Wyckoff, Maj. Hendrick Vanbrunt, Capts. Thomas Chaddock and Richard McKnight and a continental soldier. Local militia attacks and suffers three killed and fourteen wounded.
NJA 2, III, 441.



SHREWSBURY July 16, 1779
Fifty Negroes and Refugees plunder inhabitants of 80 head of cattle, 20 horses and household items and capture William Brindley and Elihu Cook.
NJA 2, HI, 504.

SHREWSBURY March 30, 1780
Negroes and Refugees from Sandy Hook raid Shrewsbury.
NJA 2, IV, 299.

SHREWSBURY July 28, 1780
Militia takes several prisoners during raid.
NJA 2, IV, 557.

Refugees from Sandy Hook attack party of militia.
NJ Gazette, 3 May 1780, 3.

Militia and Refugees have skirmish,
NJA 2, V, 264-265.

Captain Maffet, commander of a whaleboat, captures sloop and three Refugee boats off Shrewsbury Point.
NJ Gazette, 1 Aug. 1781, 3.

Party of militia light horse kills Philip White, a Tory, during skirmish.
Barber & Howe, 366.

SIDNEY June 24, 1776
Twenty-five Loyalists lead by John Vought conduct raid at Jones Tavern near Sidney (Clinton).
Hunterdon Co., Mss. 5716.




SLOTTERDAM May 12, 1777
Small detachment under Colonel Dongan (Br.) attacks militia post capturing two American officers and three enlisted men.
Leiby, Hackensack, 117.

Gen. Philemon Dickinson (Am.) marches 400 untrained troops through waist-deep water to surprise and defeat large foraging party.
Boatner, 1017.

Americans kill eighteen Hessians in skirmish.
NJA 2, 1, 405.
Wall, 6 Months, 9.

Col. Daniel Morgan's (Am.) riflemen and other troops harass British redoubts. Lt. Jacob Ten Eyck dies in action.
Boatner, 1017. NJDOD

British lose two officers and fourteen men in skirmish.
NYHS Collections, 1881, 423.

Maj. John Simcoe (Br.) conducts successful raid against this place but is captured as he withdraws. Action also occurs at BONHAMTOWN, BOUND BROOK and ELIZABETHTOWN.
Leiby, Hackensack, 224. NJ A2, 11I, 719-720.



SOUTH AMBOY January 16, 1781
Middlesex County militia skirmishes with British.
NJDOD 848.

SPANKTOWN January 5, 1777
Gen. William Maxwell (Am.) conducts foraging raid and captures stores.
NJA 2, 1, 255.
Vermeule, Plainfield, 12.

SPANKTOWN January 8, 1777
Party of Jersey militia attacks regiment of British troops. British receive support, which saves them.
Clayton, Middlesex, 77.

SPANKTOWN February 23, 1777
British attack Americans in an attempt to obtain forage. British beaten badly, but Americans can not push their advantage because of weather and fact they are vastly outnumbered. Becomes known as Battle of Rahway.
NJ History, 85, 228, 230-234.

SPANKTOWN March 8, 1777
Party of British surrounds body of American patriots who soon put whole party to flight.
Wall, New Brunswick, 221.

SPANKTOWN March 16, 1777
Rebels fire upon Gen. William Howe's escort.
NJ A 2, 1, 316.

SPANKTOWN June 27, 1777
Gen. Charles Scott's light horse and Col. Daniel Morgan's Rangers harass British after evacuation of New Brunswick.
Clayton, Middlesex, 79.



SPANKTOWN January 30, 1780
Party of the enemy carry off 'near a dozen" of local residents during raid.
NJ A 2, IV, 167.
Clayton, Middlesex, 87.

SPANKTOWN March 1, 1781
Refugees take John Clawson, commissioner for selling forfeited estates, prisoner during raid.
Clayton, Middlesex, 92.

SPANKTOWN March 21, 1781
Refugees from Staten Island on plundering raid carry off several inhabitants.
Clayton, Middlesex, 92.

SPANKTOWN September 25, 1781
Party of Refugees hidden behind fence fire upon company under Capt. John Pain reconnoitering near Spanktown killing Sgt. Joshua Marsh.
NJDOD 9867.

SPANKTOWN March 14, 1782
Tory Lewis Robbins leads raid and takes seven prisoners.
Clayton, Middlesex, 95.

American and British foraging parties skirmish at bridge.
Baurmeister, Revolution, 162.

SPRINGFIELD December 17, 1776
First skirmish in state in which New Jersey troops force British to turn and retire.
Vanderpoel, 150-151.
Lundin, 432-434.



SPRINGFIELD January 5, 1777
Foraging party and local militia have brief exchange.
Pa. Post, 23 Jan. 1777, 36.

SPRINGFIELD January 19, 1777
Militia kills eight or ten Waldeckers and captures remainder of party with no losses during raid.
NJA 2, I, 270.

SPRINGFIELD February 1, 1777
Party of 4000 rebels under Gen. John Sullivan attempt to take a hill from 42d Regiment under Sir William Erskine. British prevail and claim eighteen killed and wounded while reporting 250 Americans "killed on the spot."
NJA 2, 1, 280-281.

SPRINGFIELD June 7-23, 1780
Gen. Wilhelm von Knyphausen invades New Jersey to drive out patriots. Main battles occur on 7th and 23rd, but there is an "almost daily exchange" of raids between the two armies.
Clayton, Middlesex, 87-88.



STATEN ISLAND February 19, 1776
Three hundred militia from Essex County under Capt. John Blanchard go to Staten Island to stop raids by British vessels.
NJA 2, 1,42-43.



STATEN ISLAND July 4, 1776
Two men in canoe cross from Elizabeth and fire on British encampment on Staten Island.
Drake, Sketches, 10.

STATEN ISLAND July 24, 1776
Men from Elizabeth skirmish on Staten Island and lose one man.
NJ A2,I, 159.
Clayton, Middlesex, 72.

STATEN ISLAND October 13, 1776
Gen. Matthias Williamson and men form Col. Matthias Slough's battalion conduct raid on Staten Island.
NJA 2, 1, 220-221.

STATEN ISLAND October 15, 1776
Americans lose two men, take twenty prisoners in raid on Richmond Town.
NJ History, 50,141.

STATEN ISLAND March 14, 1777
Party of rebels fire on forage boats.
NJ A2, 1, 316.

STATEN ISLAND August 19, 1777
Tory raiders from Staten Island penetrate 27 miles inland.
NJA 2, 1, 451-452.

STATEN ISLAND August 21, 1777
Party of 1500 rebels under William Alexander, Lord Stirling, Gen. John Sullivan and a French officer raid Decker's Ferry. British claim 200 Americans killed and 300 taken prisoner, with no more than 50 casualties of their own.
NJA 2, I, 452.



STATEN ISLAND August 22, 1777
Rebels raid Decker's Ferry, destroy hay and capture Colonel Barton.
NJA 2, 1, 452-453.
Baurmeister, Revolution, 122.

STATEN ISLAND August 27, 1777
British take Uriah Chamberlain prisoner during raid. He dies the next winter in prison.
NJ History, NS, 13,196-197.

STATEN ISLAND November 18-21, 1777
On four successive nights rebels from Elizabeth raid Staten Island with no results.
NJA 2, 1, 485.
Clayton, Middlesex, 80.

STATEN ISLAND November 27, 1777
Gen. Philemon Dickinson attempts to surprise Cortlaridt Skinner with raid. Skinner makes good his escape but Tories lose five or six killed and 24 prisoners. Americans lose three prisoners and suffer fourteen wounded.
Clayton, Middlesex, 80.

STATEN ISLAND December 26, 1777
American raid on Staten Island captures Tory Benjamin Williams.
Wickes, Orange, 185.

STATEN ISLAND June 9, 1778
Rebels attempt to take picket guard on Staten Island but fail.
NJA 2, 11, 270.



STATEN ISLAND June 24, 1778
Captain Randle (Am.) with fourteen men go to Staten Island and fire on militia on guard.
Clayton, Middlesex, 81.
Hatfield, Elizabeth, 467.

STATEN ISLAND November 3, 1778
Party from Elizabeth carries off Mr. Bonnell, Barrack-Master. He returns on his own parole.
NJ A2, 11, 523.

STATEN ISLAND November 28, 1778
Americans raid Staten Island from Haisted's Point.
NJ History, 1st Ser., 7, 93.

STATEN ISLAND February 8, 1779
Capt. Asher Fitz-Randolph leads raid on Staten Island.
NJA 2, III, 65.

STATEN ISLAND March 18, 1779
Party of rebels go to Prince's Bay to carry off boat loaded with wood. Local inhabitants drive them off.
NJA 2, 111, 163.

STATEN ISLAND June 30, 1779
Party from New Brunswick captures Colonel Cortelyou (Br.) and Mr. William Smith.
NJA 2, III, 494.

Party of rebels come over to Staten Island in small boat and capture two inhabitants.
NJA 2, III, 493.



STATEN ISLAND August 6, 1779
Small party of troops make an excursion to Staten Island and bring off two of the enemy in arms.
NJA 2, III, 555.

STATEN ISLAND January 14, 1780
WilIiam Alexander, Lord Stirling (Am.) mismanages raid.
NJA 2, IV, 137.
Boatner, 16.

STATEN ISLAND February 12, 1780
Inhabitants from Spanktown make excursion to Staten Island and bring off a Tory captain and seven loyal inhabitants.
Pa. Packet, 19 Feb. 1780, 3.

STATEN ISLAND August 25, 1780
Party of six-months men under Ens. Lewis Fitz Randolph (Am.) take Justice Lake and five other Tories prisoner during raid.
NJA 2, IV, 623.

STATEN ISLAND September 3, 1780
Ens. Lewis Fitz Randolph leads excursion onto Staten Island and captures Anthony Wright and two other noted Tories.
NJA 2,1V, 643.

STATEN ISLAND September 19, 1780
Ens. Lewis Fitz Randolph and men take four prisoners in raid.
NJ A 2, IV, 665.

STATEN ISLAND March26, 1781
Detachment of eight men from Elizabeth capture a lieutenant and a militia private during raid.
NJA 2, V, 229.



STATEN ISLAND April 9, 1781
Capt. Baker Hendricks leads party from Elizabeth and captures three people.
NJA 2, V, 239.

STATENISLAND April 16, 1781
Capt. Baker Hendricks conducts raid on Staten Island.
NJA 2, V, 289.

Capt. Baker Hendricks with another officer and eleven privates conduct raid on Staten Island. Volunteers under Ensign Barton take two Americans prisoner and wound Captain Hendricks.
Clayton, Middlesex, 93.

STATEN ISLAND August 23, 1781
Lt. Asher Fitz Randolph leads successful raid which nets several prisoners and nine horses.
NJA 2, V, 288.

STATEN ISLAND November 8, 1781
Peter Terrat, a noted thief who "supports himself by robbing and plundering" shoots and kills William Hetfield (Am.).
Clayton, Middlesex, 94.

STATEN ISLAND March 15, 1782
Americans seize a Hessian paymaster and a large sum of money (two thousand guineas) intended for Hessian prisoners in Pennsylvania. Americans claim money intended for General Cornwallis' army but blame Refugees for raid.
Clayton, Middlesex, 95.

STATEN ISLAND June 20, 1782
Maj. William Crane (Am.) with 80 men takes two whaleboats.
NJA 2,V, 464.
Hatfield, Elizabeth, 511.



STOCKTON HOLLOW January 2, 1777
Artillery duel is part of the second Battle of Trenton. Capt. Thomas Forrest, with battery of two field pieces, fires at enemy for approximately twenty minutes. The enemy brings up artillery to answer Americans arid force Forrest to leave position for fear of being outflanked. Barrage diverts main British drive and allows Washington time to get his troops in position on the other side of ASSUNPINK CREEK.
Smith, Princeton, 15-16.

SUSSEX COUNTY August 24, 1779
Militia chases Indians twelve miles from Sussex Court House.
NJA 2, II~ 592-593.

SUSSEX COUNTY September 3, 1779
Mr. Maxwell's Elizabethtown brigade "eat to pieces" by Joseph and his Brethren (Indians).
NJA 2, HI, 593.

SUSSEX COUNTY April 16, 1781
Indians kill Pvt. Joseph Jobs during skirmish.
Pension #20104.

Tory Mohawk Indian Chief, Joseph Brant, leads raid.
NJA 2, 111, 226.

Maj. Robert Hoops (Am.) captures soldier from Lt. James Moody's New Jersey Volunteers.
NJ Gazette, 14 June 1780, 3.

Party of new levies from Staten Island takes Sussex County



jail and releases all eight prisoners. Four return on their own.
NJA 2, IV, 476.
Lundin, 83-85.

SWEDESBORO March 22, 1778
Three militiamen take wagon and three horses, the property of Daniel Cozen, a well-known Tory, in foraging raid.
Stewart, Foraging, 29.

SWEDESBORO March 27, 1778
Sixty Tories and marines under a man named Cox take Lt. Bateman Lloyd of the 4th Regiment and two recruits and plunder the house of Capt. Robert Brown.
Sickler, Salem, 170.

SWEDESBORO April 4, 1778
Refugees and British troops arrive hoping to capture local militia. Finding militia gone, they burn schoolhouse and pillage local homes.
Johnson, Collins, 246.

TAPPAN, N.Y. September 11, 1777
Gen. Henry Clinton leads foraging raid into the Jerseys intended to be a diversion for Gen. William Howe's Philadelphia campaign.
NJA 2, II, 42-44.

British covering party and some American troops from Gen. Philemon Dickinson's New Jersey militia have brief encounter.
Smith, Monmouth, 10.




THOMPSON'S POINT December 1, 1777
British kill Francis Clark in skirmish.

THREE PIDGEONS October 31, 1777
Rebels and British skirmish at Three Pidgeons Tavern in English Neighborhood.
NJA 2, I, 481.

THREE PIDGEONS January 29, 1778
American raid kills Tory John Richards.
Leiby, Hackensack, 145-147.

TIMBER CREEK November 20, 1777
Militia fires on British at bridge over Timber Creek.
Smith, Delaware, 39.

TINTON FALLS April 26, 1779
Two divisions of British troops invade Monmouth County. One division strikes Tinton Falls and RED BANK. Second party marches on SHREWSBURY and MIDDLETOWN. British plunder inhabitants and burn several houses and barns.
NJA 2, 111, 320-321.

TINTON FALLS June 9, 1779
Refugees make prisoners of Col. Daniel Hendrickson and Col. Auke Wyckoff with others. Local militia resists and Jeremiah Chadwick and one other are killed, ten wounded.
NJA 2, 111, 456-457.

TINTON FALLS March 30, 1780
Tory raid takes seven prisoners.
NJA 2, IV, 299.



TOMS RIVER December 25, 1777
Col. John Morris (Tory) threatens Toms River but inflicts little damage.
Sabine, Loyalists, II, 107.

TOMS RIVER April 15, 1778
British raid destroys salt works.
Hornor, Monmouth, 28.

TOMS RIVER September 19, 1778
Naval engagement occurs in Toms River inlet.
NJ A2, 11, 453.

TOMS RIVER May 14, 1780
Armed Refugees at Toms River surprise Maj. John VanEmburg (Am.) with eight or nine others.
NJA 2, IV, 407.

TOMS RIVER December 1780
Lt. Joshua Studson (Am.) attempts to board a trading vessel off Toms River and is shot.
NJA 2, V, 145.

TOMS RIVER March 24, 1782
Refugees capture Capt. Joshua Huddy in surprise raid.
Boatner, 529.

TOMS RIVER August 23, 1782
Loyalists attack Blockhouse.
Barber & Howe, 328n-329n.

TRENTON December 8, 1776
Washington evacuates Trenton; Hessians occupy it.
Smith, Trenton, 6.



TRENTON December 16, 1776
"Rebels came over River (Delaware) in boats but affected nothing."
NJA 2, 1, 433.

TRENTON December 17, 18, 1776
Americans attack Jaeger picket post at ferry south of Trenton with infantry and artillery barrage for two consecutive days.
Smith, Trenton, 13.

TRENTON December 20, 1776
Rebels kill Dragoon from ambush between Trenton and Princeton.
Smith, Trenton, 13-14.

TRENTON December 25, 1776
Hessians and Americans exchange fire at last picket post outside Trenton.
Smith, Trenton, 17.

TRENTON December 26, 1776
In the early morning hours, General Washington leads troops across the Delaware north of Trenton and surprises the 1200-man Hessian garrison in Trenton, striking at 8 A.M. Estimates of battle range from 35 minutes to an hour and three-quarters, but Washington achieves a much needed victory to help boost American morale. American casualties are one killed (Pvt. Forest Ballangee) and three or four wounded (including Capt. William Washington and Lt. James Monroe). Hessians have 22 killed (including commanding officer, Col. Johann Rall), 84 wounded and 918 taken prisoner.
Boatner, 1112-1115.
Smith, Trenton, 20-25.

The second Battle of Trenton comprises three separate en-



Smith, Princeton, 13-18.

TRENTON May 18, 1778
Gen. William Erskine (Br.) and Gen. William Maxwell (Am.) have skirmish near Trenton.
NJ A 2, II, 219.

TUCKERTON April 3, 1783
Capt. John Stewart (Am.) and several militiamen discover Capt. John Bacon, notorious Loyalist, near Tuckerton, Stewart shoots Bacon trying to escape.
Salter, Monmouth, 210-212,


TWO BRIDGES December 8, 1776
Col. William Malcom (Am.) leads a party to New Bridge and raises a "terrible uproar among the Tories as well as in the enemy's little camp." They capture a Tory named Pierson.
Am. Arch., 5, IIL 1139,

VANDERBERG June 28, 1778
Local militia and British skirmish at time of battle at Monmouth.
Smith, Monmouth, 11.

VAN NESTS MILL January 20, 1777
British skirmish with Middlesex County militia.
Vermeule, Plainfield, 16.
NJA 2, 1, 268.



VAN VEGHTEN'S BRIDGE October 28, 1779
Maj. John Simcoe (Br.) destroys several boats during raid.
Leiby, Hackensack, 224.

Indians raid Decker's or Gardner's Fort.
Barber & Howe, 484-485.

WATESSING September 13, 1777
Skirmish occurs during British raids coinciding with Battle of Brandywine.
Leiby, Hackensack, 140.

WEEHAWKEN April 17, 1779
Two Bergen County militiamen on reconnoitering mission discover a gang of robbers, kill one, wound another and drive remainder away.
NJA 2, III, 291- 292.

WESTFIELD June 26, 1777
Militia harasses British Army, but nothing reported of any consequence. Happens at same time as the action at SHORT HILLS.
NJA 2, 1, 428, 477.


WOODBRIDGE December 11, 1776
American foraging party captures 400 cattle and 200 sheep at Woodbridge, then behind enemy lines.
Lundin, 185.



WOODBRIDGE January 23, 1777
"... we [Americans] trimmed two regiments near to Woodbridge." No report of American casualties.
NJ A 2, 1, 305.

WOODBRIDGE Mareh 8, 1777
Militia and British skirmish at Strawberry Hill.
Vermeule, Plainfield, 16.

WOODBRIDGE March22, 1777
The enemy attempts to plunder property of Barnes family, but local militia drives them off.
NJA 2, 1, 328.

WOODBRIDGE April 19, 1777
British capture Isaac Cotheal, a private in Capt. Christopher Marsh's Company of Light Horse.
Clayton, Middlesex, 479.
Wolk, Woodbridge, 29.

WOODBRIDGE June 26, 1777
Small skirmish occurs during movement of Gen. William Howe in the WESTFIELD and SCOTCH PLAINS area. Main action is battle of SHORT HILLS.
NJA 2, I, 428, 477.
Clayton, Middlesex, 78-79.

WOODBRIDGE June 29, 1777
A detachment from the 37th Regiment surprises party of rebels in a tavern, kill two men including the commanding officer, and take several prisoners.
NJA 2, IIL 491.

WOODBRIDGE February 9, 1779
Tories under Capt. Joseph Ryerson raid house of Charles Jackson (Tavernkeeper) and take Nathaniel Fitz Randolph (Am.



Capt.), just returning from a raid on Staten Island,
NJA 2, III, 65, 76-77, 81.

WOODBRIDGE June 29, 1779
British in skirmish at Six Roads or Crossroads Tavern kill Capt. Richard Skinner.
NJA 2, III, 491.
NJDOD #10301.

WOODBRIIJGE August 16, 1779
Persons unknown fire upon party of rebel militia and put them to rout.
NJA 2, III, 555.

WOODBRIDGE May 11, 1780
Thirty Refugees raid Woodbridge and capture Justice Freeman, Mr. Edgar, six other whites and two Negroes.
NJA 2, IV, 406.

WOODBRIDGE June 1, 1780
Thirty Refugees carry off prisoners to New York.
Wolk, Woodbridge, 31.

WOODBRIDGE July 30, 1780
Party of Refugees take Dr. Moses Bloomfield, Jonathan Bloomfield and Ens. Britton Moores prisoners.
NJA 2, IV, 569, 580.

WOODBRIDGE September 17, 1780
Refugees take Mr. Thomas Brown and two others in raid.
NJA 2, IV, 655, 660.

WOODBURY March 31, 1778
Party of Refugees and few marines conduct foraging raid.
NJA 2, II, 146.



ZABRISKIES May 30, 1780
Three hundred of the enemy under Col. Abraham Van Buskirk
[Boskirk] have heated exchange among themselves at Joost
Zabriskie's house. They mistake each other for Americans.
NJA 2, IV, 433-434.
Leiby, Hackensack, 254.



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