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Battles and Skirmishes - Naval to Rahway

NAVAL December 15, 1782
Capt. Nathan Jackson of the Greyhound captures schooners Dolphin and Diamond off Sandy Hook and takes them to Egg Harbor.
Salter, Monmouth, 79.
NJ Gazette, 18 Dec. 1782,3.

NAVAL March 3, 1783
Capt. Thomas Quigley (Am.) takes sloop Katy.
Clayton, Middlesex, 96.

NAVESINK February 13, 1777
British kill Pvt. Alexander Clark in skirmish.
NJA 2, I, 291-293.
NJDOD #1145,

NAZARETH, PA. June 26, 1779
Indian scalping party is active ten miles from Easton.
NJA 2, III, 514-515.

NEW BRIDGE November 17, 1776
Tories overrun post near New Bridge.
Bergen HS, 1906-1907, 49.

NEW BRIDGE September 11, 1777
Sir Henry Clinton leads foraging raid into the Jerseys intended to be a diversion for Gen. William Howe's Philadelphia campaign.
NJA 2, 11, 42-44.

NEW BRIDGE September 14, 1777
Lt. Col. Aaron Burr attacks British outpost.
Leiby, Hackensack, 135.
NJA 2, II, 42-44.



NEW BRIDGE February 5, 1778
Tory raid captures one of the slayers of Tory John Richards.
Leiby, Hackensack, 147.

NEW BRIDGE May 18, 1779
Party of about 40 rebels attempt to take up planks
of bridge in front of British Regiments.
Leiby, Hackensack, 210.

NEW BRIDGE April 15, 1780
Americans and British clash two miles from Hackensack.
NJA 2, IV, 306-307.
Leiby, Hackensack, 247.

NEW BRUNSWICK December 1, 1776
Washington destroys part of a bridge over the Raritan and
cannonades pursuers.
Wall, New Brunswick, 207.

NEW BRUNSWICK December 3, 1776
Patriot shoots and kills a Hessian officer (Captain Wieter-
hausen) from ambush.
NJA 2, I, 433.

NEW BRUNSWICK December 17, 1776
Patriots attack British picket guards.
Wall, New Brunswick, 220.

NEW BRUNSWICK January 1777
American party attacks a "large body of the enemy three
miles from New Brunswick and capture cattle, horses and wagons.
NJA 2,1,268.

NEW BRUNSWICK January 17, 1777
Two hundred rebels attack pickets at New Brunswick.
NJA 2,1,271.




NEW BRUNSWICK February 15, 1777
Americans capture 15 British troops near New Brunswick.
NJ A2,1, 279.
Somerset CHS, 4, 167.

NEW BRUNSWICK February 26, 1777
Battery of six 32-pound guns fires on boats coming up Raritan to deliver supplies.
Whitehead, Amboy, 341.

NEW BRUNSWICK March 1, 1777
Colonel Scott attacks a Britishforaging party.
NJA 2, 1, 306.

NEW BRUNSWICK March 5, 1777
Americans attack Hessian pickets and capture forage.
Wall, New Brunswick, 221-222.
NJA 2, I, 314.

NEW BRUNSWICK March 9, 1777
Rebels attack Gen. William Howe's escort as he travels from New Brunswick to New York.
NJA 2, 1, 316.

NEW BRUNSWICK March 18, 1777
Americans capture several wagons, take eight prisoners and kill four or five in skirmish.
NJA 2, 1, 323.

NEW BRUNSWICK March 21, 1777
Americans drive off British foraging party.
NJA2, 1, 323.

NEW BRUNSWICK April 22, 1777
Americans overrun British picket near New Brunswick.
NJA2, 1, 360.



NEW BRUNSWICK June 20, 1777
Rebels fire on British pickets.
Somerset CHS, V, 23.

NEW BRUNSWICK June 21, 1777
Rebels fire on "our pickets."
NYHS Collections, 1881, 423.

NEW BRUNSWICK June 22, 1777
Skirmish occurs as British evacuate New Brunswick.
Wall, New Brunswick, 226.
Lundin, 321.

NEW BRUNSWICK February 25, 1779
British burn Presbyterian Academy in raid.
Clayton, Middlesex, 83.

NEW BRUNSWICK June 12, 1779
Cornelius Hetfield and five other loyal Refugees plunder John Haviland's house, take him and another prisoner.
Clayton, Middlesex, 84.

NEW BRUNSWICK October 26, 1779
Refugees under Maj. John Simcoe kill Capt. Peter Voorhees during raid.
NJDOD #2244.

NEW BRUNSWICK January 9, 1782
Enemy lands and captures New Brunswick. After daybreak, militia drives them off with no casualties. Refugees suffer at least two killed and several wounded. The raid, probably to capture whaleboats, is successful.
NJA2,V, 358.



NEW MILLS September 22, 1782
Town sentinel shoots and kills supposed banditti.
NJ Gazette, 25 Sept. 1782, 3.

NEW YORK CITY September 12, 1776-November 25, 1783
British occupation of New York.
Morris, Encyclopedia, 93, 111.

NEW YORK CITY September 29, 1778
American cavalry on the other side of North River surprise party of enemy horse, kill fifteen men and take fourteen prisoners and twenty horses.
NJA 2, II, 463.

NEW YORK CITY August 5, 1781
Capt. Adam Hyler (Am.) plunders home of Col. Jeromus Lott and takes him captive with several others.
NJA 2, V, 285.
NYHS Quarterly, 41, 298.

NEWARK November 28, 1776
Skirmish occurs as British enter Newark.
Wall, New Brunswick, 206.
Vermeule, Plainfield, 9.

NEWARK January 5, 1777
Gen. William Maxwell (Am.) conducts foraging raid and captures stores.
NJA2, 1, 253.
Vermeule, Plainfield, 13.

NEWARK April 12-17, 1777
Skirmish occurs sometime between these dates.
NJA 2, 1, 342.



NEWARK September 11, 1777
Gen. Henry Clinton leads foraging raid into the Jerseys intended to be a diversion for Gen. William Howe's Philadelphia campaign.
NJ A 2, II, 42-44.

NEWARK September 12, 1777
British force of several thousand men attack from several directions. Local militia causes them to move on to Acquackanonk.
Cunningham, Newark, 77.
NJA 2, II, 42-44.

NEWARK October 27, 1779
Some of the enemy go to Newark in boats and burn American guard houses but no other mischief.
NJ A2, IV, 3.

NEWARK January 25, 1780
Maj. Charles Lumm of the 44th Regiment, with part of the 42d, surprises rebel posts at ELIZABETHTONWN and Newark.
NJA2, IV, 151-152.
Clayton, Middlesex, 87.

NEWARK February 19, 1780
Party of about 50 invades Newark and takes two prisoners and several head of cattle. Militia assembles so quickly that invaders are forced to flee.
NJA2, IV, 221.

NEWARK May 26, 1780
Detachment of 150 men from the 57th Regiment under Maj. Charles Browniow surprise small body of rebels, kill four and take 33 prisoners.
NJ A 2, IV, 394.

NEWARK June 23, 1780
Skirmish occurs in the Newark area related to action at SPRINGFIELD,
NJA2, IV, 474..477.

NEWARK July 17, 1780
Lt. Eben, Ward leads Refugees and captures four Americans at Newark. Taken prisoner are Maj. Joseph Hayse, Thomas Canfield, a commissioner of forfeited estates; Job Canfield arid Zophar Lyon, "all atrocious rebels."
NJA2, IV, 519, 537.

NEWARK November 21, 1780
One hundred of the enemy under Capt. Thomas Ward enter Newark on a "picarooning" expedition. Militia recaptures most of the livestock and takes two prisoners.
NJA 2, V, 127.

NEWARK March29, 1781
Party from New York attempts to kidnap Josiah Hornblower, Speaker of the Assembly, but he escapes.
NJA2, V, 223.

NEWARK August 21, 1781
Captain Harding with about 40 Refugees conducts foraging raid.
Winfield, Hudson, 195.

NEWARK May 29, 1782
Americans take three men of Captain McMichael's Refugees.
NJDOD #3782.
NJ Journal, 5 June 1782, 3.

NEWARK June 2, 1782
Captain Sanford takes Captain McMichael and two other Refugees.
NJ Journal, 5 June 1782, 3.



NEWARK BAY November 29, 1781
Capt. Baker Hendricks (Am.) with a party in whaleboat sails to Newark Bay, boards and strips two boats and takes one prisoner.
Winfield, Hudson, 197.

OAK TREE June 25, 1777
Skirmish occurs as Gen. Thomas Stirling (Br.) is driven toward New Market.
NJ History, NS, 6, 84.

OGDENS March 31, 1779
Tories attack house of Robert Ogden and are driven off by militia.
NJA 2, 111, 215-216.

OLDMAN'S CREEK June 12, 1778
Skirmish occurs at the Moravian Church.
Stewart, Salem, 90.

OLD TAPPAN September 28, 1778
British detachment under Gen. Charles Grey massacres Continental light Dragoons under Col. George Baylor.
NJA 2, II, 463.
Mazur, Baylor.

OSBORNE ISLAND October 15, 1778
Count Casimir Pulaski's legion "massacred" near Tuckerton.
Kemp, Nest, 47-50.
NJA 2, 11, 472-473.

PARAMUS December 16, 1776
Gen. William Heath and Gen. George Clinton capture stores at Paramus in the face of strong British resistance.
Leiby, Hackensack, 93.



PARAMUS December 27, 1776
Party of Loyalists raids HOPPERSTOWN and Paramus.
NJ History, 78, 164.

PARAMUS April 22, 1777
Royal Bergen Volunteers chase party of rebel suttlers beyond Closter and capture their stores.
Leiby, Hackensack, 116.
NJA2, I, 354.

PARAMUS May 12, 1777
Colonel Barton (Br.) attacks picket post under Peter Fell (Am.) at Paramus.
Leiby, Hackensack, 117.
NJ History, 78,165.

PARAMUS June 13, 1777
British party of 200 under Col. Barton invades Bergen County as far as Paramus without opposition. Supposedly chase a rebel party under Frelinghuysen.
NJA2, 1, 398.

PARAMUS May 18, 1779
Gen. Henry Clinton mounts full-scale military move through Closter against American troops at Paramus Church.
Leiby, Hackensack, 210.

PARAMUS April 16, 1780
British party of 200 horse and 300 foot invade Paramus and surprise Maj. Thomas Biles of the Pennsylvania Line. Biles mortally wounded and his Lieutenant killed. Many British casualties.
NJA 2, IV, 321, 324, 350.
NJ History, 78, 172-173.



PARAMUS March 22, 1780
About 400 British and foreign troops from New York advance to Paramus, take some prisoners and plunder several houses.
NJ A 2, IV, 280.
NJ History, 78, 171.

PARSIPPANY June 22, 1779
Party of Tories attempt to capture Governor Livingston.
NJ A 2, III, 515-516.

PAULUS HOOK July 12, 1776
First exchange of fire between the fort and two British ships,
Phoenix and Rose.
VanWinkle, Bergen, 96.

PAULUS HOOK July 21, 1776
Shore batteries fire on Phoenix and Rose as they move up Hudson River. Ship return the fire.
Farrier, Paulus Hook, 4.

PAULUS HOOK September 7, 1776
Batteries at Paulus Hook bombard enemy's ships heading up North River.
NJA 2, I, 185-186.

PAULUS HOOK September 15, 1776
British rake the Hook with grape and kill one horse.
NJA 2, I, 199.

PAULUS HOOK September 16, 1776
British ships and battery at Paulus Hook exchange fire.
NJA 2, I, 199.



PAULUS HOOK September 17, 20, 1776
Battery at Hook bombards British ship Renown on 17th and again on the 20th.
NJA 2, I, 227.

PAULUS HOOK September 21, 1776
Regulars unsuccessfully invade Paulus Hook.
NJA2,I, 204.

PAULUS HOOK September 23, 1776
British occupy Paulus Hook marking the beginning of the New Jersey Campaign. First New Jersey territory occupied by British.
Lundin, 136.
Naval Does., 6, 965.

PAULUS HOOK August 19, 1779
Henry Lee with a force of 400 leads surprise raid on fort at Paulus Hook. Takes 158 prisoners, including seven officers, loses two killed and three wounded. British suffer approximately 50 killed and wounded. Raid serves as a morale booster for Washington's Army and won Lee one of eight Congressional Medals awarded during the war.
Boatner, 608.
NJA 2, III, 621-628.
Leiby, Hackensack, 221-223.

PAULUS HOOK December 18, 1779
Gen. Anthony Wayne and small force attack pickets at Paulus Hook. Retreat when they found the garrison ready to receive them.
NJ A2, IV, 114.


PENNINGTON December 17, 1776
Jaeger "deadly wounded" by one of Gen. Philemon Dickinson's (Am.) scouting parties.
Smith, Trenton, 13.



PENNS NECK March 6, 1778
A party under Captain Wigstaff (Br.) goes to Billingsport from Philadelphia, marches ten miles into the country, surrounds house of Capt. John Cousins of the Gloucester County militia, takes him and guard prisoners, and brings them to town.
NJ A 2, II, 134.


PETTICOAT BRIDGE December 22, 1776
Skirmish occurs at the bridge between Slabtown (Jacksonville) and Blackhorse (Columbus).
NJA 2, I, 243.
Smith, Trenton, 15-16.

PISCATAWAY February 1, 1777
Militia have "hot fight" at Piscataway.
Vermeule, Plainfield, 16.

PISCATAWAY March8,1777
Militia has skirmish with British.
Vermeule, Plainfield, 16.

PISCATAWAY May 10, 1777
Maj. Gen. Adam Stephen (Am.) attacks the 42d Highlander (Black Watch).
Boatner, 872.
Vermeule, Plainfield, 17.

PISCATAWAY May 17, 1777
42d Regiment, 2d Battalion of the 71st and the 33rd Regiment (Br.) conduct raids against BONHAMTOWN and Piscataway. Americans have 67 killed, 130 wounded (British figures). British lose two killed, sixteen wounded and twelve captured.
NJA2, I, 386.



PISCATAWAY June 22, 1777
As the British evacuate New Brunswick, Americans follow, harassing them as much as possible.
NJA2,I, 407.

PISCATAWAY September 13, 1777
Americans capture James Illif and John Moor, Loyalists, during raid.
NJ Supreme Court Records 36122, 36989.

Skirmish occurs at the time of the Battle of Monmouth.
Smith, Monmouth, 11.

Force of 1000 under Cortlandt Skinner (Tory) attempts to plunder Pleasant Valley. Inhabitants succeed in frustrating them until militia drives them away.
NJA 2, V, 264-265.

PLEASANT VALLEY February 8, 1782
Refugees from Sandy Hook plunder area. Local militia captures some of the enemy.
NJA 2, V, 372.
NJDOD #3782.

PLUCKEMIN December 16, 1776
Gen. Edward Matthews (Br.) with part of the Brigade of Guard falls in with small body of Americans. Two Americans are wounded.
Smith, Trenton, 15.

POLIFLY September 22, 1778
Gen. William Winds (Am.) takes fort at Polifly.
Nelson, Paterson, 424.



POMPTON September 1, 1781
British take Constant Cooper, an express rider, and carry him to New York.
NJA 2, V, 296.

POTTERSTOWN September 15, 1777
Americans capture party of Tories.
NJ Supreme Court Records 36122, 36989.

PRINCETON December 30, 1776
Lighthorse unit under Col. Joseph Reed (Am.) captures ten or twelve Dragoons in skirmish near Princeton.
Lundin, 202.
Smith, Princeton, 11.

PRINCETON January 3, 1777
Under cover of darkness, General Washington leaves Trenton and surprises Lt. Col. Charles Mawhood's force at Princeton. The American victory marks first success of Army in New Jersey against British regiments. In a fifteen minute battle, Americans lose 40 killed or wounded. British loses about eighteen killed, 58 wounded and 200 missing or captured. After battle, Washington marches Army north into Watchung Mountains and winter quarters at MORRISTOWN.
Boatner, 890-894.
Smith, Princeton.

PRIOR'S MILL March 22, 1778
Party of rebels attempts to capture some cattle.
Winfield, Hudson, 149.

PRIOR'S MILL May 10, 1778
Party of rebels come to Prior's Mill and carry off two Negro men taking farm products to market.
Winfield, Hudson, 149.



PRIOR'S MILL May 16, 1778
The "daring patriots" come to Prior's Mill and carry off more Negroes.
Winfield, Hudson, 149.

PRIOR'S MILL June 17, 1779
Party of rebels come to Prior's Mill but are driven off.
NJA 2, 111, 458.

PRIOR'S MILL August 25, 1780
"Rebel officers raided as far down as the Mills last Friday."
NJ A2, IV, 605.


QUIBBLETOWN January 16, 1777
Gen. Philemon Dickinson (Am.) with about 400 militia engages a foraging party, takes nine prisoners and observes enemy dead and wounded he does not count.
Pa. Gazette, 5 Feb. 1777, 3.

QUIBBLETOWN February!, 1777
Scouts from foraging parties on both sides exchange fire with. results.
NJ History, 85, 226.

QUIBBLETOWN February 8, 1777
Skirmish occurs between foraging parties.
NJ History, 85, 228.

QUIBBLETOWN February 20, 1777
Party of Americans capture twenty enemy wagons loaded with forage, drive in picket guard and suffer no losses.
NJA 2, 1, 294.



QUIBBLETOWN March 8, 1777
Gen. William Maxwell's troops skirmish with British. British report considerable casualties.
NJA 2, I, 318-319.

QUIBBLETOWN March 10, 1777
Foraging party of British runs into local militia. British leave four dead and carry off several dead and/or wounded. Americans have three wounded but none killed.
NJA2,I, 313.

QUIBBLETOWN March 24, 1777
Gen. John Vaughan, commander of party of King's Troops, goes to Spanktown to surprise rebels and takes fifteen prisoners.
NJA 2, I, 321-322.

QUIBBLETOWN April 4, 1777
British kill five wound one in action against militia.
NJA 2, I, 334.

QUIBBLETOWN July 7, 1777
American Army, pursuing Gen. William Howe's forces, camp at Quibbletown and detach several small parties against enemy.
NJA2, 1,428.

QUINTON'S BRIDGE March 18, 1778
Maj. John Simcoe's Rangers have battle with Salem and Cumberland County militias.
Boatner, 910-911.
Sickler, Salem, 149.150.




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