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Battles and Skirmishes - Absecon to Delaware Bay

ABSECON October 1779
Refugees skirmish with Egg Harbor Guards (3rd Regiment,
Gloucester County militia) at Absecon saltworks.
Pension #2904, 2361.

ACQUACKANONK November 21, 1776
Americans destroy bridge over Passaic River to prevent British
Army from gaining on them.
Nelson, Paterson, 402.

ALLENTOWN June 24, 1778
Party of British troops fire upon an American patrol. No fire
Simcoe, Journal, 66.

ALLENTOWN August 7, 1782
Militiaman Richard Wilgus is shot while keeping guard near
Allentown to prevent contraband trade with the British.
Salter, Mon.& Ocean, 88.

ALLOWAY March 21, 1778
British troops overrun local militia at the farm of William
Abbott, near bridge over Alloways Creek, during Maj. John
Simcoe's raid on HANCOCK'S BRIDGE.
Sickler, Salem, 150-151.
Stewart, Salem, 47.

ALLOWAY'S BRIDGE March 17, 1778
British foraging party destroys James Smith's house.
Sickler, Salem, 146.

AMBOY June 1776
British vessels in Raritan Bay exchange volley fire with gun in
a breastwork in St. Peter's churchyard.
History of St. Peter's, 76.
Whitehead, Amboy, 330.



AMBOY July 25, 1776
The fort near Billops Point on Staten Island exchanges cannon-
ades or bombardments with battery at Amboy.
NJA2, I, 154.

AMBOY March 8, 1777
Gen. William Maxwell attacks the British. Engagement
spreads from Punk Hill at Amboy to BONHAMTOWN and
METUCHEN. Americans get the better of the action but have too
little cover to pursue. British report several casualties, but no
mention of American losses.
NJA 2, I, 318-320.

AMBOY April 19, 1777
British surprise Rebels in raid near Amboy and take seventeen
prisoners, kill two.
Montressor's Journal, 21-22.

AMBOY April 23, 1777
Americans attempt surprise raid on British pickets on out-
skirts of Amboy, but pickets have already been removed.
Whitehead, Amboy, 344.

AMBOY April 24, 1777
Rebels attempt again to take pickets.
Dalley, Woodbridge, 273.

AMBOY April 25, 1777
Rebel attack on guards fails as all are taken prisoner or killed.
NJA 2,1, 354.

AMBOY June 12, 1778
Battery fires on British brig, forcing it to withdraw.
NJA 2, II, 255-256.



AMBOY October 10, 1779
Local militia surprises British foraging party and drives them
off with only small part of their booty. Many wounded.
NJA 2, III, 698.

AMBOY January 10, 1781
British raiding party from Staten Island takes ten to twelve
NJ Gazette, 17 Jan. 1781, 3.

ASH SWAMP February 23, 1777
British foraging raid ends in skirmish.
Vermeule, Plainfield, 16.

ASSUNPINK CREEK January 2, 1777
Part of the action of the second Battle of TRENTON. While
Capt. Thomas Forrest's battery assists infantry in holding the
British advance, Washington moves his troops across the Assunpink
where they repel an advance by the British. An intense cannonade
at close range develops and continues until after dark. The Hessians
stay in Trenton for a short time, then withdraw.
Smith, Princeton, 16-17.

BACON'S NECK May 6, 1776
Cumberland County militia chase foraging party from British ships anchored at mouth of Cohansey Creek. British land party at Tindon's or Findle's Island, between Cohansey and Stow Creeks,
known as Bacon's Neck.
NJA2, 1, 549.

BARNEGAT - June 1, 1782
Tory raid at FORKED RIVER results in a skirmish.
Salter, Mon., 213.



BARNEGAT BEACH December 9, 1778
British armed vessel runs aground near Barnegat and local
militia captures crew.
NJA 2, II, 577.
Salter, Mon., 202.

BARNEGAT BEACH March 22, 1779
British Frigate Delaware takes scow Molly 25 leagues to the
north of Cape Charlie Prize crew escapes when Molly hits the
beach. Hornor says crew taken arid cargo brought in.
NJA 2,111, 201.
Hornor, Mon., 62.

BARNE OAT BEACH March 24, 1779
Sloop Success comes ashore. Had been taken previously by the
brig Diligence. Monmouth County militia takes cargo, sends crew
to Princeton.
NJA2, III, 201.
Salter, Mon., 195.

BARNEGAT BEACH October 26, 1782
Americans take beached British ship, but are killed the same
night in a raid led by the Tory, John Bacon.
Salter, Mon., 209-210.
Hornor, Mon., 46.

BASKING RIDGE December 13, 1776
British capture Gen. Charles Lee.
Smith, Trenton, 9.
Boatner, 62.




BAYARD'S MILLS June 30, 1777
Forty rebels carry off cattle in raid near Hoebuck.
Shaw, Hudson, 954.

BAYARD'S MILLS August 26, 1780
Rebels burn Col. William Bayard's (Tory) new house and barn and destroy all forage and timber.
NJA 2, IV, 606, 613.



BENNETT'S ISLAND February 18, 1777
Americans raid the Loyalist outpost held by Maj. Richard V. Stockton and 63 privates. Luke Teeple, Somerset County militia, taken prisoner.
NJA 2, IV, 402.

British kill Pvt. William Sodin during raid.
Pension #22373.

BERGEN AREA July 18, 1776
Barge from fleet lands on the Bergen Point, but the militia
drive away the intruders.
Winfield, Hudson, 142.
Am. Arch., 5 Serb, I, 578.



BERGEN AREA July 21, 1776
Cannon and musketry are heard in New York. Smoke cloud over Bergen Point indicates exchange of fire between Bergen Point and Staten Island.
NJA 2, I, 148.

BERGEN AREA August 26, 1776
Capt. Daniel Neill (Am.) exchanges fire with British battery on Staten Island.
Drake, Sketches, 10.

BERGEN AREA October 5, 1776
Americans evacuate Bergen.
NJA 2, I, 207.

BERGEN AREA December 19, 1776
Two hundred men go to Bergen Woods and capture 23 Tories of anew Tory Regiment.
Lundin, 183
Leiby, Hackensack, 95-96.

BERGEN AREA April 17, 1777
British seize local resident in raid into Bergen Area.
Leiby, Hackensack, 119.

BERGEN AREA September 10, 1777
Three detachments of British with a detachment from New York and another from Staten Island conduct successful foraging raid into "the Jersies."
NJA 2, I, 473.

BERGEN AREA November 21, 1777
Party of Americans raid Weehawken.
NJA 2, I, 485.
Leiby, Hackensack, 143.



BERGEN AREA December 5, 1777
Party of rebels, some officers and twelve men come to Bergen
Point to seize (Tory) Mr. Van Buskirk. Colonel Turnbull (Tory)
intercepts group, kills one officer and captures another.
NJA2, 1, 505.

BERGEN AREA April 1778
Party of New York Volunteers take four rebels near Bergen during first week in April.
NJA 2, II, 147.

BERGEN AREA July 28, 1778
Rebel Light Horse unit invades Bergen Area.
Shaw, Hudson, 954.
Winfield, Hudson, 150.

BERGEN AREA November 1, 1778
American party under Lt. COI b Lindsley Eleazer kills British guard and takes two prisoners and twenty horses at Bergen Point.
Leiby, Hackensack, 191.

BERGEN AREA November 28, 1778
Thirty-six American men under a captain intercept traffic at the ferries.
Leiby, Hackensack, 191.

BERGEN AREA January 13, 1779
British capture Ens. Abraham Allen (Rebel) and three New Jersey militiamen at Bergen Point.
NJA 2, III, 40.

BERGEN AREA March 14, 1779
American Col. Abraham Van Buskirk sends party to pursue Carolina troops from Three Pidgeons into Bergen Woods, captures two.
Winfield, Hudson, 152.



BERGEN AREA April 2, 1779
British capture twelve continentals.
NJA 2, III, 224.

BERGEN AREA April 22, 1779
British and Americans skirmish at Peter DeGroot's, near the English Neighborhood seven miles from Hoebuck.
NJA 2, 11I, 359.

BERGEN AREA May 17, 1779
Col. Abraham Van Buskirk leads 1000 men on an incursion into Bergen Area.
NJA 2, III, 391-392.

BERGEN AREA July 23, 1779
Party of New Jersey Volunteers under Capt. William Van Allen capture two rebels, David Ritzema Bogert and John Loshier.
NJA 2, 11I, 514.

BERGEN AREA November 2, 1779
Gen. Anthony Wayne collects "upward of one hundred head of fat cattle and a considerable quantity of grain" during raid.
Leiby, Hackensack, 224.

BERGEN AREA April 16, 1780
British burn Garret Hooper's houses and mills.
NJ A2, IV, 321.

BERGEN AREA May 28, 1780
Militia kill one, wound one and take two prisoners in skirmish with Refugees.
Leiby, Hackensack, 254.

BERGEN AREA October 7, 1780
Two hundred Americans, infantry and horse, attack Refugee



post at Bergen. Capt. Thomas Ward and men force Refugees to retreat.
NJA2, V, 40-41, 49-50.

BERGEN AREA January 25, 1781
Refugees hang Stephen Ball of Spanktown, a suspected spy.
NJA2, V, 190.

BERGEN AREA March 30, 1781
Rebels plunder Bergen during raid.
Wirifield, Hudson, 195.

BERGEN AREA December 13, 1781
Capt. Baker Hendricks (AM.) captures five Refugees on Bergen Point.
Clayton, Middlesex, 95.

BERGEN AREA December 23, 1781
Capt. Baker Hendricks (AM.) captures eight of the enemy at Bergen.
Clayton, Middlesex, 95.

BERGEN AREA March 29, 1782
Rebels take seven prisoners in raid. Tory counterattack kills one rebel (John Yates or Yeaters) and mortally wounds two.
Winfield, Hudson, 198.
NJDOD #3773.

BERGEN AREA June 6, 1782
Capt. Baker Hendricks (Am.) captures seven "tatterdema-lions" near Bergen.
Clayton, Middlesex, 95.
Hatfield, Elizabeth, 510.



BERGEN AREA June 13, 1782
Capt. Baker Hendricks (Am.) captures five Refugees on Ber-gen Point.
Clayton, Middlesex, 95.
Hatfield, Elizabeth, 510.

BILES ISLAND May 7, 1778
British destroy several boats.
NJA 2, II, 217.

BILLINGSPORT October 1, 1777
Col. Thomas Stirling (Br.) lands below fort at Billingsport with 42d Regiment and part of 7lSt.
Stewart, Salem County, 32.

BILLINGSPORT October 2, 1777
Americans evacuate Fort Billings. On march to Fort Mifflin, small skirmish occurs.
Smith, Delaware, 10.

BLACK HORSE June 22, 1778
British and American patrols exchange shots.
Smith, Monmouth, 6.


BLACK POINT September 1, 1780
Refugee party unsuccessfully attempts to capture Capt. Joshua Huddy.
Monmouth County, 116.

BLACK POINT October 16, 1781
British kill Dr. Nathaniel Scudder attempting to recapture six



prisoners taken at COLTS NECK, October 15,1781.
NJA 2, I, 528n.

Forty Bergen Volunteers under Maj. Robert Timpany chase rebels
in retaliation to a raid on STATEN ISLAND. Party collects more
spoils as a result of counter-raid.
NJA2, I, 316.

Raiding party from Staten Island captures fifteen inhabitants
and militia.
NJA2, III, 493-494.

A few "people unknown" fire upon some rebel militia and rout
them after a brief exchange.
NJA2, III, 555.

BONHAMTOWN January 23, 1777
Three hundred fifty Americans attack 700 of the enemy. Americans
claim better of the engagement.
NJA 2, I, 276.

BONHAMTOWN March 8, 1777
Gen. William Maxwell attacks the British in an engagement
that reaches from Punk Hill at AMBOY to Bonhamtown and METUCHEN.
NJA 2, 1, 318-320.

BONHAMTOWN April 14, 1777
Gen. Adam Stephen (AM.) attacks the pickets near Bonham-
town, kills captain and seven privates and takes sixteen
British prisoners.
NJA 2, I, 344.



BONHAMTOWN April 20, 1777
British kill or capture entire raiding party of twenty-five
rebels and their captain.
NJA2,1, 354.

BONHAMTOWN April 21, 1777
Survivors of rebel party that attacked the pickets on the pre-
vious day taken to Amboy.
NJA2,I, 354.

BONRAMTOWN May 10, 1777
42d or Royal Highland Regiment skirmishes with a body of some
2000 Americans. Fighting occurs along a long line, with more
British than American success.
NJA 2, 1, 377-378.
Wall, New Brunswick, 224.

Col. Daniel Morgan constantly harasses British encamped at
Somerset Court House. Eighteen Hessians killed and several
prisoners taken in one small encounter during June.
Wall, New Brunswick, 222.

BONHAMTOWN October 28, 1779
Maj. John Simcoe (Br.) leads raid on Bonhamtown, ELIZA-
NJA 2, 111, 719-720.
Leiby, Hackensack, 223-224.

BORDENTOWN May 7, 1778
British destroy two American frigates with naval bombard-
ment from the Delaware River.
Woodward & Hageman, 26.
Heitman, 670.



British burn mill on march through area.
NJA 2, II, 269.

BOTTLE HILL September 12, 1782
Capt. Benjamin Carter (Am.), officers, and ten men surprise
two notorious robbers, Caleb Sweezey and John Parr, in
Bottle Hill neighborhood.
NJ Journal, 18 Sept. 1782, 2.

BOUND BROOK January 6, 1777
British light horse raid Bound Brook and a Tory named Stewart
shoots Benjamin Booney as he hides in his cellar.
Somerset Co. H.Sb, III, 250.

BOUND BROOK February 6, 1777
British foraging party active around Bound Brook.
NJ History, 85, 228.

BOUND BROOK April 13, 1777
British foraging party attempts to cut off American outpost.
NJA2, I, 339.
Wall, New Brunswick, 222.

BOUND BROOK May 26, 1777
An American unit reports a "brush with the Philistines."
NJA2, I, 392.

BOUND BROOK October 28, 1779
Maj. John Simcoe (Br.) leads a raid on Bound Brook, ELIZA-
NJA2, III, 719-720.
Leiby, Hackensack, 223-224.



BOUND BROOK March 12, 1781
Local militia drive off fifty of the enemy. An accidental dis-
charge of a musket kills Mr. John Calhoun.
NJA2, V, 211.

BRIGANTINE BEACH October 16, 1775
English transport ship Rebecca & Francis under Capt. George
Hastings runs aground at Brigantine Beach. Members of Egg Harbor
Guard (3rd Regiment, Gloucester County militia), under Col.
Richard Somers, take crew into custody. First ship destroyed in
New Jersey during the war.
NJA1, XXXI, 210-21l.
AM. Arch., 4 Serb, III, 1825.
NJDOD #636A.
Pension #2904.

BRISTOL, PA. May 10, 1778
British burn several vessels on Delaware River.
NJA 2, II, 217-218.

BROOKLYN, N.Y. June 13, 1778
Americans take Maj. James Moncrieffe and Theophilus Bache prisoners
in raid on Flatbush.
NJA 2, II, 253.

BROOKLYN, N.Y. June 14, 1778
Americans rescue Capt. Alexander Graydon, prisoner of war, during
raid on Flatbush.
NJA 2, H, 255.
Hornor, Monmouth, 33-35.

BULL'S FERRY July 21, 1780
British destroy stockaded blockhouse four miles north of
Hoebuck and kill Maj. John Cook.
Leiby, Hackensack, 258.



BURLINGTON December 11, 1776
Pennsylvania Navy bombards Burlington after Hessian occu-
pation under Count Carl Von Donop.
Morris' Journal, 41-46.

BURLINGTON May 8, 1778
Burlington suffers another naval bombardment, this time by
the British.
Schermerhorn, Burlington, 78.

Robbers loot several houses in Springfield Township.
NJA 2, IV, 598.

BURROWS' MILL May 27, 1778
Party of Refugees from Sandy Hook burn John Burrows' mill
near Keyport, kill two, including Pvt. John Van Brockle.
NJA 2, II, 327.



CAPE MAY June 29, 1776
American brig Nancy runs aground at Cape May. Local militia
remove powder and arms. Exchange with British kills one Amer-
ican, Richard Wickes. First casualty on New Jersey soil.
Lundin, 113.
AM. Arch., 5 Serb, I, 14.
CM Geographic Bulletin, 1953, 7.



CAPE MAY August 21, 1778
French fleet drives British cruiser ashore.
NJA2, 11, 380.

CEDAR CREEK (BRIDGE) December 27, 1782
Loyalists defeat New Jersey troops in possibly the last land
action of the war. Pvt. William Cooke Jr. dies during skirmish.
NJDOD PR, 552.

Band of villains fixed on robbery surround Dr. Jonathan
Chuver's house at Charlotteburg. Doctor escapes to get help. Vil-
lains threaten Mrs. Chuver, plunder house and leave before arrival
of militia.
NJA2, III, 347.

CHATHAM April 3, 1780
A possible accidental shooting wounds William Cravell (Am.),
who dies four days later.
Seely Diary, 61.

CHESTNUT NECK October 6, 1778
British attack privateers' stronghold to stop the piracy of their
supply vessels. British easily rout local militia and capture ten
prize vessels harbored there. They dismantle and scuttle all vessels
and burn tiny village of Chestnut Neck.
NJA 2, II, 472-473.
Kemp, Nest, 30-31.

CLOSTER April 21, 1777
Fifty Royal Bergen Volunteers under Capt. William Van Allen
raid Closter and take three suttlers with their stores.
NJA 2, I, 354.
Leiby, Hackensack, 116.



CLOSTER March 28, 1779
Nine militiamen under Lt. John Huyler drive off party of
Tories and embodied Refugees.
Leiby, Hackensack, 201.

CLOSTER April 28, 1779
Militiamen under Lt. John Huyler drive off raiding party
under Col. Abraham Van Buskirk.
NJA2, 111, 292.

CLOSTER May 10, 1779
Tories raid Closter, take Samuel Demarest prisoner, kill his
son Cornelius and wound his son Hendrick.
NJA2, II1, 370.
Leiby, Hackensack, 209.

CLOSTER July 10, 1779
Party of Refugees and Tories go to Closter to collect forage.
Local militia under Capt. David Harring recovers all livestock and
takes two prisoners.
NJA 2, HI, 518.

CLOSTER May 25, 1780
Militia takes party of eleven sailors and a midshipman belong-
ing to the British ship Vulture. On June 17, the captives are de-
livered to Morristown.
NJA 2, IV, 443.

CLOSTER June 8, 1780
Local militia attacks Refugees on foraging raid collecting
horses, cows and sheep.
Leiby, Hackensack, 255.

CLOSTER July 21, 1780
Gen. Anthony Wayne and the Pennsylvania Line attack the
blockhouse without success.
NJA 2, IV, 538-539.



CLOSTER March 12, 13, 1781
Large party of British and Tories on two-day plundering expe-
dition strip Closter of everything movable on second day.
Leiby, Hackensack, 296-297.

CLOSTER September 12, 1781
Loyalist Capt. William Harding captures rebel guard of six
men and takes fifteen cattle.
Winfield, Hudson, 196.


COLT'S NECK August 1780
Attack by Col. Tye (a mulatto slave named Titus) and Tory
associates on home of Joshua Huddy. Huddy later escapes.
Barber & Howe, 365.
NJA 2, IV, 424.

COLT'S NECK October 15, 1781
Refugees from Sandy Hook take six prisoners.
Hornor, Monmouth, 45.

COLT'S NECK March 1782
Party of Refugees under Joseph Ryerson raids Colt's Neck early
in March.
NJ Gazette, 13 Mar. 1782, 3.

Enemy party under Tory Col. Tye (a mulatto slave named
Titus) with 30 blacks, 36 Queen's Rangers and 30 Refugees, plunder
area around Conascung.
NJA 2, IV, 456-457.



Hessians burn town during first of two large invasions known
as Battle of Connecticut Farm8b British shoot and kill Hannah
Caidwell, wife of Rev. James Caidwell.
Boatner, 261.
Fleming, 152-159.

Second and last British invasion known as Battle of SPRING-
FIELD. British burn Springfield and rest of Connecticut Farms.
American Army under Maj. Gen. Nathaniel Greene, aided by local
militia, incensed and inspired by the first invasion, drive British to
NJA2, IV, 474.
Fleming, 280-281.

CONNECTICUT FARMS November 4, 1780
Tories Smith Hetfield, Cornelius Hetfield, Cornelius Blan-
chard and others take Col. Matthias Ogden (Am.) and Capt.
Jonathan Dayton (AM.) to Staten Island as prisoners.
NJA2,V, 92.

COOPER'S FERRY October 21, 1777
Americans snipe at British troops on way to Red Bank from
Smith, Delaware, 19.

COOPER'S FERRY December 15, 1777
Jersey militia takes twenty British sailors.
NJA 2, I, 514.

COOPER'S FERRY March 2, 1778
Gen. Anthony Wayne and Count Casimir Pulaski skirmish
with Maj. John Simcoe.
Stewart, Salem, 39.



CORYEL'S FERRY December 9, 1776
Exchange of fire between scouting parties occurs two miles
south of ferry.
Stryker, Trenton, 28.

CORYEL'S FERRY February 28, 1778
Party of His Majesty's light horse captures Capt. Samuel
Dunham and two sons with 127 cattle at ferry.
NJA 2, II, 97-98.

CORYEL'S FERRY April 4, 1778
Skirmish between rebels and party of King's troops in which
the rebels are "severly handled."
NJA 2, II, 147.

CRANBERRY March 12, 1777
Middlesex County militia skirmishes with Refugee foraging
NJDOD #847.

Three American galleys from New London arrive with several
captured vessels.
NJA 2, II, 253.

CRANBERRY INLET September 19, 1778
British ship retakes captured vessel off Cranberry Inlet.
Ocean County, 47.

CRANBERRY INLET September 20, 1778
British burn boat and capture another during raid in Inlet.
NJA 2, II, 445.

CRANBERRY INLET January 20, 1782
Captain Gray pursues a British brig, but is captured himself.
Salter, Monmouth, 79-80.



CROSSWICKS June 23, 1778
British shoot Elias Dayton's horse out from under him in action
on Crosswicks Creek, four miles from Trenton.
Boatner, 309.

DEAL BEACH April 15, 1780
HMS Vulture drives rebel brig ashore.
NJA 2, IV, 308.

DELAWARE BAY October 13, 1779
British cruisers take brig Sally.
NJA 2, III, 685.

DELAWARE BAY December 4r 1779
British cruisers take Lady Washington.
NJA2,IV, 113.

DELAWARE BAY December 4, 1779
British cruisers take brig Three Sisters.
NJA2,IV, 113.

DELAWARE BAY March 22, 1780
Tory whaleboats take many fishermen.
NJA 2, IV, 251-252.

British capture Daniel Richards' shallop bound from Phila-
delphia to Morris [Maurice] River. All hands escape to shore.
NJA 2, I, 549-550.

British ships cannonade Salem County from Delaware River for
two days.
Stewart, Salem, I1.
Sickler, Salem, 140.



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