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Battles and Skirmishes - Haddonfield to New Bridge

HADDONFIELD October 21, 1777
Local militia harasses British troops on way to Red Bank.
Smith, Delaware, 18-19.

HADDONFIELD November24, 1777
American troops bivouac before the Battle of Gloucester. British
foraging party harasses them.
Smith, Delaware, 39-40.

HADDONFIELD February 28, 1778
Gen. Anthony Wayne's foraging party tangles with British patrol.
Stewart, Foraging, 7.

HADDONFIELD (NEAR) February 28, 1778
Maj.John Simcoe (Br.) leads raid in Haddonfield vicinity.
Stewart, Foraging, 11.

HADDONFIELD April 5, 1778
British capture Maj. William Ellis during skirmish.
Baurmeister, Revolution, 162.

HADDONFIELD June 18, 1778
Gen. William Maxwell's brigade harasses British evacuating
Carrington, 414-415.

HANCOCK'S BRIDGE March 21, 1778
Maj. John Simcoe and Rangers (Br.) with New Jersey Volunteers
murder everyone in Hancock
Boatner, 484-485.

HIBERNIA (IRON WORKS) April 27, 1779
Tories or Refugees described as "well-armed villains" commit
robbery at works.
NJA 2, HI, 347.




HOEBUCK June 27, 1777
British chase a rebel foraging party.
NJA 2,I, 412.

HOEBUCK July 28, 1778
American foraging party under Col. Stephen Moylan capture good
amount of cattle and stores.
NY Mercury, 3 Aug. 1778, 3.

HOEBUCK July 29, 1778
Rebels take more cattle in raid.
Winfield, Hudson, 150.

HOEBUCK August 15, 1778
Rebels capture small boat from Kingsbridge, Staten Island,
passing too near Jersey shore.
NJA 2, II, 405.

HOEBUCK September 5, 1778
Gen. Pigot attacks American force under Gen. Sullivan.
NJA 2, II, 405.

HOEBUCK March27, 1779
British take four privates from Rebel Army in raid.
Shaw, Hudson, 954.
Winfield, Hudson, 153.

HOEBUCK April 17, 1779
Four young men chase gang of Tory robbers from Pompton area to
Hoebuck and kill one.
NJA 2, III, 303.



HOEBIJCK October 18, 1780
Lt. Seth Raymond of State Regiment with twenty men raid Hoebuck,
capture six, kill one.
NJ A2, V, 53.

HOPPERSTOWN December 27, 1776
British and Tory force take Garret Hooper and six or seven other
Whig farmers prisoners.
Leiby, Hackensack, 98.

HOPPERSTOWN April 26, 1777
Party of new levies carry off Capt. Wynant Van Zandt and three
others from Garret Hopper's neighborhood.
Leiby, Hackensack, 117.

HOPPERSTOWN April 21, 1779
British kill Capt. Jonathan Hopper during raid.
Leiby, Hackensack, 204-205.
NJA 2, III, 345.

HOPPERSTOWN March 23, 1780
Two detachments from New York penetrate neutral ground and attack
rear of rebel cantonments at Hopperstown.
Several prisoners taken, but major action is avoided by Americans.
NJA 2, IV, 253.

HOPPERSTOWN April 16, 1780
Americans lose one major, two captains, four lieutenants and
about 40 rank and file during raid by British.
Leiby, Hackensack, 246-251.

HOWELL'S FERRY December 20, 1776
British and American patrols skirmish at ferry.
Smith, Trenton, 13-14.






JOCKEY HOLLOW December 1, 1779-June 22, 1780
Army encamps three miles southwest of Morristown for the "worst
winter" of the war.
Boatner, 747-748.

JUMPING POINT June 11, 1779
British kill Pvt. John Henderson in raid.
Pension #25811.

LANDING April 13, 1777
Gen. Charles Cornwallis attacks Gen. Benjamin Lincoln's force on
this Palm Sunday. Americans lose 30 men killed and
wounded with some eighty taken prisoner.
Van Horn, Somerset, 41.

LANDING May 10, 1777
Americans attack outpost on Raritan Landing.
NJA 2, 1, 377-379,383, 386.
Baurmeister, Revolution, 87n.




LITTLE FERRY March 28, 1779
Local militia drives off foraging party.
Leiby, Hackensack, 201.

LITTLE FERRY April 12, 1779
Detachment under Capt. William Van Allen captures Continental
outpost at Little Ferry.
Leiby, Hackensack, 200.
NJA 2, IIL 293.

Regulars strip neutral ground late in month.
Leiby, Hackensack, 200.

Americans skirmish with British Light Infantry.
Smith, Princeton, 13.

Tory John Bacon attacks guards on ship that had beached.

LONG BEACH August 12, 1778
Americans drive row galley ashore and capture 30 men.
NJA 2, II, 368, 370.

LONG ISLAND, N.Y. January 19, 1776
New Jersey troops cross to Long Island to disarm Tories. Collect
500 arms and four standards of colors. First use of
Jersey troops in the Revolution.
Benedict, Brunswick, 111-112.
NJA 2, 1, 26.

LONG ISLAND, N.Y. August 27, 1776
Battle of Long Island. Gen. William Howe with about 20,000 troops
attack American forces on Long Island. He
strikes at rear



of Gen. John Sullivan's position (the American left) and takes
Sullivan prisoner. Gen. William
Alexander, Lord Stirling, puts up gallant delaying action before
capture. Americans suffer 1500
casualties, British loses less than 400. First pitched battle of
the Revolution is an American disaster.
Boatner, 647-656.

LONG ISLAND, N.Y. November 3, 1778
Capt. William Marriner raids Long Island from New Jersey.
NJA 2, 11, 525, 546.

LOWER PENNS NECK March20, 1778
Capt. Andrew Sinriickson leads party of horsemen against party of
enemy foragers at Long Island.
Drive off intruders without casualty.
Stewart, Salem, 70.

MAIDENHEAD January 2, 1777
American picket encounters British Army passing through
Maidenhead. Mounted Jaeger is shot from
his horse. Beginning of second Battle of Trenton. See ASSUNPINK
Smith, Princeton, 13.

MAIDENHEAD December 19, 1777
A Gen. Philemon Dickinson scouting party captures "three men of
the Gen. Friedrich Von Lossburg
Regiment who went out to procure forage two miles from here
(Trenton) not far from the road to
Smith, Trenton, 13.

MAIDENHEAD October 14, 1779
Maj. Joseph Brearley, knowing that band of robbers is in
neighborhood, collects party and forms
ambuscade in lane they are to pass and captures all robbers.
NJA 2, III, 697.



MANAHAWKIN December 31, 1781
Militia and Refugees under John Bacon clash. Lines Pangborn (Am.)
killed during action.
Wilson, Jersey Shore, 230.

MANASQUAN April 6, 1778
British destroy salt works.
NJA 2, II, 170-171.

MANASQUAN August 27, 1779
British brigantine and schooner come ashore. Local residents
salvage and refloat ships.
Hornor, Monmouth, 64.

MANASQUAN April 22, 1780
Detachment of British troops raid rebel salt works.
NJA 2, IV, 324.

MANTUA October 2, 1777
Force under Gen. Silas Newcomb meets force under Col. Thomas
Stirlingabout 9a.m. and engage in "pretty brisk fire."
Smith, Delaware, 10.

MANTUA November 1777
Between November 20 and 27, Gen. Charles Cornwallis burns
barracks at Mantua Creek marching from Billingsport
to Gloucester.
Stewart, Salem, 32.

MANTUA February 2, 1778
West Jersey Loyalists out of Philadelphia raid vicinity of Red
NJA 2, II, 35.



MANTUA March 12, 1778
Gloucester County militia and foraging troops under Col. Charles
Mawhood (Br.) skirmish at Mantua
Sickler, Salem, 146.

MANTUA CREEK November 5, 1777
Americans shell British ships from battery near mouth of Mantua
Smith, Delaware, 28.

MANTUA CREEK November 15, 1777
Second battery near mouth of Mantua Creek opens up on British
ships in river.
Pa. Arch., 1, 6, 23.

MANTUA CREEK November 20, 1777
British and Americans skirmish at a ford in Mantua Creek, five
miles above bridge patriots had
Stewart, Red Bank, 21.

MANTUA CREEK March 16, 1778
Col. Charles Mawhood's (Br.) troops march up Salem Road to Mantua
Creek Bridge, the only place
they could cross. Meet Capt. Samuel Hugg (Am.) with artillery and
others of our militia.
Barber & Howe, 439.

MAURICE RIVER March 22, 1780
Privateers take prizes in Maurice River and Delaware Bay.
NJA 2, IV, 251,

MAURICE RIVER August 20, 1781
Tories attempt to take shallop at mouth of the Maurice, but
militia repulses them.
NJA 2, V, 291.



METUCHEN February 1, 1777
Ninety men under Col. Charles Scott attacks British foraging
party of Hessian Grenadiers and troops of Black Watch
(42nd Regiment) at Drake's Farm. Americans lose one officer,
seven men killed, 22 wounded. British lose one
officer, six men killed, 23 wounded.
NJ History, 85, 226-228.

METUCHEN March 8, 1777
Gen. William Maxwell attacks the British. Engagement spreads from
and Metuchen.
NJA 2, 1, 318-320.


MICKLETON October 2, 1777
British force under Colonel Stirling attacks Gen. Silas Newcomb's
Smith, Delaware, 10.

MIDDLEBROOK June 7, 1777
Scouting party under Lt. William Martin falls in with party of
Hessians and British lighthorse. Martin dies in the
NJA 2, I, 397.

MIDDLEBROOK February 6-June 4, 1779
Winter camp. Probably the mildest winter of the War.
Prince, Middlebrook.

MIDDLEBUSH June 18, 1777
American and Hessian patrols have brief skirmish.
NYHS, Collections, 1881, 423.



MIDDLETOWN February 13, 1777
British kill Lt. John Whitlack in skirmish.
NJDOD #10301.

MIDDLETOWN May 26, 1777
Party of Gen. Benjamin Lincoln's men give enemy a "pretty little
threshing." British lose seven men and three
lighthorse dead. Americans lose three wounded, one mortally.
NJA 2, 1, 389-390.

MIDDLETOWN April 26, 1779
Two divisions of British troops raid Monmouth County. One strikes
marches on SHREWSBURY and Middletown. British plunder and burn
several houses and barns.
NJ A2, III, 320-321.

MIDDLETOWN May 15, 1779
Party of 200 of enemy come to Middletown on "picarooning"
expedition. Local militia drives them off after some
NJA 2, III, 379.

MIDDLETOWN June 1, 1779
Party of Tories from Staten Island plunder several houses and
carry off four or five prisoners.
NJA 2, III, 429.

MIDDLETOWN March 30, 1780
Small party of Loyalists carryoff Mr. Bowne.
NJA 2, IV, 285.

MIDDLETOWN June 12, 1780
Refugees kill Pvt. Joseph Murray during raid. NJDOD



MINISINK, N.Y. July 22, 1779
Indians and Tories destroy the village of Minisink.
Boatner, 708-709.

M1NISINK, N.Y. April 19, 1780
Indians kill Capt. Peter Westbrook during raid.
NJDOD #1820.
NJA 2, IV, 352.

Militia nearly traps Tory Col. George Taylor and party, takes two
and wounds one.
NJA 2, 1, 410.

"The enemy has made a Sally on the Jersey shore once more.
Suppose with an intent [torn], Bayoneted Gen[eral]
Maxwell's men, but providence [torn] their Mannoevers."
NJDOD #5114.

During week of February 13-19, Americans capture British force of
22 "convention troops" and two Negroes with
guide, Joseph Hayes.
NJ Gazette, 23 Feb. 1780, 3.



Refugees raid house of Capt. Barnes Smock,
NJ Gazette, 14 June 1780, 3.

Battle of Monmouth. This action, the longest of the war, occurs
on the hottest day and is the last important battle of war
in the north. Battle, described as the best American Army effort,
can only be considered a draw. American casualties number
356, including 72 killed and 161 wounded. Of 132 missing many
later return to units. British loss estimates vary from 249
to over 1200 dead, including deserters. Many deaths result from
sunstroke rather than battle wounds.
Boatner, 716-725.
Smith, Monmouth.

MONTAGUE July 1779
Indians raid fort at time of Battle of Minisink.
Sussex Sesquicentennial, 38.

MOONACHIE POINT April 10, 1781
British gun boat brings party of foragers up Hackensack to
Moonachie Point where they take several head of cattle. Local
militia routs party and recaptures cattle. John Lozier wounded.
Leiby, Hackensack, 297.
Pension #20525.

MORRISTOWN January 6-May 28, 1777
Winter camp. During encampment, troops receive inoculation for
Boatner, 746-747.

MORRISTOWN February 23, 1777
Americans skirmish with British foraging party.
NJA 2, 1, 296-297.



MORRISTOWN April 22, 1777
Capt. Thomas Combs captures picket guard of two subalterns and
thirty men. Both officers and fourteen men die
during action. Americans have three wounded, none seriously.
NJA 2, I, 360.

MT. HOLLY December 23, 1776
Col. Samuel Griffin attacks the British and Hessian position at
PETTICOAT BRIDGE. The next day British
counterattack, forcing Americans to withdraw. Towards evening, a
heated engagement at Iron Mill Hill results in
several casualties on both sides. Hessians wind up in Mt. Holly;
Americans retreat to Moorestown.
NJA 2, 1, 243.
Smith, Trenton, 16.

MT. HOLLY June 20, 1778
Militia harasses British Army on march from Philadelphia to New
NJ History, 1st Ser., 7, 16.


NANTUXET CREEK August 30, 1780
Militia Captures Refugees driven ashore from Delaware Bay.
NJA 2,V, 19.

NAVAL October 19, 1775
HMS Vipar sails from New York to Boston with several prizes taken
between New York City and Sandy Hook.
Included are brig Harmony, another brig, a "just built" vessel
and sloop Polly.

NAVAL April 13, 1776
American brigantine Folly and British schooner Lively have
engagement off Cape May.
Naval Does., V, 993-994.



NAVAL May 5, 1776
British ships Roebuck and Liverpool have engagement with
American brig Lexington.
Stewart, Salem County, 10.

NAVAL June 28, 1776
Brig Lexington and schooner Wasp have engagement off Cape May.
Naval Docs., V, 882-884.

NAVAL June 30, 1776
Americans take ship and 26 British prisoners near Sandy Hook.
Nash, Journal, 22.

NAVAL July 15, 1776
Howe fleet bombards Jersey coast.
NJ A 2, 1, 145.

NAVAL August 1776
Sloop Congress of Philadelphia takes prize brig Richmond into Egg
NJA 2, 1, 160.

NAVAL March!, 1777
Privateers take brig off Abse con Beach.
NJA 2, 1, 300.

NAVAL April, 1777
British frigate Tartar destroys American vessel off coast.
NJA 2, 1, 331.

NAVAL July 23, 1777
British frigate and American schooner have engagement four miles
off Abse con Beach.
NJA 2, 1, 434-435.



NAVAL August 9, 1777
American privateers attack ship Mary and sloop Dolphin near Sandy
NJA 2,I, 449.

NAVAL August 14, 1777
Naval action occurs south of Sandy Hook.
NJA 2, 1, 449.

NAVAL September 29, 1777
Schooner sails from Egg Harbor. Two seamen sieze and take her to
New York.
NJA 2, 1, 473.

NAVAL October 23, 1777
Battle of Red Bank or Fort Mercer. Americans sink Merlin
(18 guns) and Augusta (64 guns).
Smith, Delaware, 24-25.

NAVAL November 1777
Privateers capture boatload of oysters and take to Egg Harbor.
NJA 2, I, 486.

NAVAL December 10, 1777
Armed sloop Two Friends beaches on Long Beach Island near
NJA 2, II, 34-35.

NAVAL December 23, 1777
Princeton residents hear naval bombardment on Delaware River.
NJA 2, 1, 531.

NAVAL December 31, 1777
N.J. militia takes schooner Little Hope above Point-no-Point.
NJA 2, II, 5, 10.



NAVAL January 12, 1778
Privateer brig Active has engagement with Frigate Mermaid.
NJ A2,11, S.

NAVAL March 1778
Privateer takes brig off Egg Harbor.
NJ A 2, II, 137.

NAVAL April!, 1778
British schooner Diamond captures prize and crew in Shark River
Martin, Shark River, 5.

NAVAL May 22, 1778
Captain Anderson takes British ship with sixteen men off Toms
Salter, Monmouth, 194.

NAVAL May 9, 1778
Rebel privateer encounters four pilot boats near Sandy Hook.
NJ A2, II, 219.

NAVAL July 1778
Privateers take British transports off Egg Harbor bound from
Philadelphia to New York.
NJA 2, II, 331-332.

NAVAL July 1-31, 1778
French fleet anchors five miles off Sandy Hook and takes fourteen
to seventeen prizes during July.
Baurmeister, Revolution, 189.

NAVAL July 18, 1778
Americans and British exchange cannonade off Sandy Hook.
NJA 2, II, 318.



NAVAL July 31, 1778
Ship runs aground at Shrewsbury. Militia strips her despite being
bombarded by British frigate.
NJA 2, II, 331.

NAVAL August 1, 1778
Americans drive enemy row galley ashore at Shrewsbury.
NJA 2, II, 380.

NAVAL August 1, 1778
American privateer seizes schooner John & Sally off Egg Harbor.
Kemp, Nest, 7.

NAVAL August 6, 1778
Ship Love & Unity (Am.) runs aground off Toms River.
NJA 2, 11, 345.

NAVAL August 7, 1778
A ship of Count Charles d'Estaign's fleet captures crew of the
NJA 2, II, 380.

NAVAL August 20, 1778
British Tryon sinks rebel Glory of America off Egg Harbor.
NJA 2, II, 404-405.

NAVAL August 22, 1778
Schooner Hammond (Am.) captures prize twenty leagues from Sandy
NJA 2, II, 370.

NAVAL August 22, 1778
British and French ships battle 30 leagues from Sandy Hook.
NJA 2, II, 370.



NAVAL August 28, 1778
Engagement occurs between sloop Susannah and man-of-war tender Emerald.
Emerald heavily damaged but escapes.
Salter, Monmouth, 119-120.
Wilson, Jersey Shore, 206.

NAVAL September 1778
Privateer takes British brig Recovery to Egg Harbor.
NJA 2, II, 434.

NAVAL September 4, 1778
Several privateers attack British ship off Egg Harbor.
NJ A2, 11, 405.

NAVAL September 5, 1778
Americans capture and destroy British ship.
NJA 2, II, 426.

NAVAL October 1778
British capture four French ships.
NJA 2, 11, 499.

NAVAL October 15, 16, 1778
British capture two American privateers off Egg Harbor on consecutive
Kemp, Nest, 130.

NAVAL October 19, 1778
British capture American privateer off Egg Harbor.
Kemp, Nest, 130.

NAVAL November 25, 1778
American privateer captures schooner.
NJ A 2, 11, 588.

NAVAL December 1, 1778
Capt. Henry Stevens of Egg Harbor captures schooner Two Friends
from New York. Takes 22 prisoners.
Salter, Monmouth, 202.

NAVAL January 4, 1779
Letter of marque brig Sir William Erskine takes sloop Franklin
off Egg Harbor.
NJA 2, 111, 42.

NAVAL February 10, 1779
Schooner Hunter under Captain Douglass from Egg Harbor and the
brig Bellona under Captain Buchanan from New York
suffer extensive damage during engagement.
NJA 2, IIT, 86.

NAVAL March 1779
Brig Diligence captures American sloop Success.
NJA 2, 111, 201.

NAVAL March 1, 1779
British capture American sloop off Sandy Hook.
Hornor, Monmouth, 70.

NAVAL March3, 1779
Brigantine Rose Bud (Br.) takes brigantine Young Achilles(Am.),
laden with tobacco.
NJ A2, III, 137.

NAVAL March 18, 1779
Privateers and British exchange cannon shot off Staten Island.
Hornor, Monmouth, 37.



NAVAL April 29, 1779
Brig Delight beaches on Peck's Beach (Cape May County). Militia
seize crew and vessel.
NJA 2, 111, 398.

NAVAL May 1779
British privateer General Pattison leaves Sandy Hook and meets
two rebel ships off Egg Harbor. Drives one shore; the other
NJA 2, III, 334.

NAVAL May 7, 1779
Diligent takes privateer off Egg Harbor.
NJ A 2, 111, 345.

NAVAL May 15, 1779
Privateers and enemy pilot boats have engagement off coast. NJA
2, 111, 219.

NAVAL May 21, 1779
Brig of sixteen guns comes ashore near Egg Harbor. People from
area board her.
NJA 2, IIt 397.

NAVAL June 1779
Engagement occurs a few days before the 16th.
NJ A2, III, 448.

NAVAL June 5, 1779
Brig Daphne captures American frigate Oliver Cromwell
twenty leagues off Sandy Hook.
NJA 2, III, 439.

NAVAL June 7, 1779
American brig Monmouth retakes schooner off Egg Harbor.
NJA 2, III, 454.



NAVAL June 11, 1779
Privateer Beaver takes British sloop off Sandy Hook.
NJ Gazette, 30 June 1779, 3.

NAVAL June 13, 1779
Privateer Hancock and British schooner Eagle engage off Sandy
NJ Gazette, 30 June 1779, 3.

NAVAL June 15, 1779
British schooner takes privateer Revenge off Sandy Hook.
NJ Gazette, 30 June 1779, 3.

NAVAL June 23, 1779
Privateer Skunk (Am.) takes nineteenth prize off Cape May.
Wilson, Jersey Shore, 203.

NAVAL June 23, 1779
Americans take frigate Delaware off Jersey coast.
NJ A 2, III, 476-477.

NAVAL July 1779
American brig Holker captures the snow Friendship and sends her
to Egg Harbor.
NJA 2, III, 536.

NAVAL July 28, 1779
Two Continental sloops fail to capture cutter Intrepid off
NJA 2, IIL 537- 538.

NAVAL August 6, 1779
Americans capture brig and send it to Egg Harbor.
NJ A 2, HI, 548.



NAVAL August 10, 1779
Rebels take snow Dashwaod Pacquet within sight of Sandy Hook.
NJ A 2, III, 556.

NAVAL August 14, 1779
Small gun boat (Am.) rowing ten oars captures a fishing boat.
NJA 2, III, 556.

NAVAL August 18, 1779
Schooner Mars takes the snow Falmouth and 45 prisoners. British
retake prize same day.
Salter, Monmouth, 120.
Barbar & Howe, 69.

NAVAL August 21, 1779
British frigate retakes another packet captured by Mars.
Heston, Annals, 406.

NAVAL September 1779
British take three prizes.
Hornor, Monmouth, 64.

NAVAL September 11, 1779
Engagement near Sandy Hook between British Active and brig Mars
kills Elijah Matthews.

NAVAL September 20, 1779
American privateer Pickering takes British armed sloop.
NJA 2, IIL 663.

NAVAL September 27, 1779
American ship takes British transport.
NJA 2, III, 663.



NAVAL September 29, 1779
American sloop Revenge and British Vengence engage near Sandy
Hornor, Monmouth, 65.

NAVAL October 1, 1779
American ship takes prize off coast with 214 Hessians on board.
NJA 2, IIL 653, 659.

NAVAL October 13, 1779
British take schooner Hawk with 70 rebels on board off Egg Harbor.
NJA 2, III, 685.

NAVAL October 14, 1779
Americans capture and strip British ship, then lose it to the
NJ A2, 111, 685.

NAVAL November 1779
American Pickering has engagement off Sandy Hook.
NJ Gazette, 8 Dec. 1779, 3.

NAVAL November 1, 1779
Americans take British ship and send it to Egg Harbor.
Hornor, Monmouth, 65.

NAVAL November 27, 1779
American privateer Beaver takes brig L'Constance a few leagues
off Sandy Hook.
NJA 2, IV, 115.

NAVAL December 28, 1779
British privateer Britannia comes ashore at Sandy Hook. Militia
takes crew prisoners.
NJA 2, IV, 121.



NAVAL January 1780
Americans drive 40-gun British ship ashore near Egg Harbor.
NJ Gazette, 12 Jan. 1780, 3.

NAVAL January 1780
"In the snow storm last Tuesday" large copper-bottom brig beaches
near Middletown Point. Militia takes 80 crew
NJ Gazette, 12 Jan. 1780, 3.

NAVAL February 1780
Three privateers attack British packet ship Grenuille outside
Sandy Hook.
NJ A 2, IV, 207.
Hornor, Monmouth, 69.

NAVAL March 9, 1780
Whaleboat attacks British privateers off Barnegat Inlet.
Burgess, Scrapbook, 176.

NAVAL March 18, 1780
Capt. William Marriner (Am.) of New Brunswick has two engagements
off coast and takes prizes to Egg Harbor.
Burgess, Scrapbook, 177.

NAVAL April 20, 1780
Capt. William Marriner (Am.) on previously captured Black-
snake engages and captures schooner Morning Star,
NJ Gazette, 3 May 1780, 3.

NAVAL May 4, 1780
Two New England privateers capture large ship from London off
Sandy Hook after "obstinate" action.
NJ A2, IV, 370.



NAVAL May 7, 1780
Privateers take ship Jenny (Br.) off Sandy Hook.
NJ A2, IV, 364.

NAVAL May 20, 1780
American brig Hoiher captures ship and sends into the Delaware.
NJA 2, IV, 389.

NAVAL June 10, 1780
British and French ships engage off Jersey coast.
NJA 2, IV, 448.

NAVAL June 15, 1780
American cruisers nearly tear large British ship to pieces.
NJA 2, IV, 448.

NAVAL June 30, 1780
British sloop Commerce takes American schooner Restoration
in three hour battle near Sandy Hook.
NJA 2, IV, 472.

NAVAL July 1780
Privateer brig Holker and British brig have battle off Egg
NJ Gazette, 19 July 1780, 3.

NAVAL July 2, 1780
British Raisonable takes American sloop Hazard near Sandy Hook.
NJA 2, IV, 490.

NAVAL July 8, 1780
British brig Admiral Rodney and American privateer have severe
NJA 2, IV, 491.



NAVAL August 12, 13, 1780
Capt. William Marriner (Am.) captures two ships on consecutive
NYHS Quarterly, 42, 295.
Baurmeister, Revolution, 367.

NAVAL August 16, 1780 14
Privateers Holker, Fair American and New England take British
NJ A2, IV, 580.

NAVAL September 1780
Two American privateers attack British ship Theresa off.
Sandy Hook.
Hornor, Monmouth, 75.

NAVAL September 9, 1780
American privateers attack British ship near Sandy Hook.
Hornor, Monmouth, 75.

NAVAL October 1780
Capt. Joshua Studson (Am.) and armed sloop take schooner John and
sloop Catharine off Staten Island.
Hornor, Monmouth, 42.

NAVAL October 8-14, 1780
Sloop Saratoga takes five British vessels in Atlantic.
NJA 2, V, 49.

NAVAL December 1, 1780
Action occurs between two whaleboats inside Cranberry Inlet. John
Bacon (Br.) kills Lt. Joshua Studson (Am.)
during encounter.
Hornor, Monmouth, 75-76.
Salter, Monmouth, 207.



NAVAL December 7, 1780
American schooner takes prize near Sandy Hook.
NJA 2, V, 167.

NAVAL January 10, 1781
British take several prizes.
Hornor, Monmouth, 77,

NAVAL January 17, 1781
Brig Fame (Am.) takes privateer schooner Cock (Br.)
Hornor, Monmouth, 77.

NAVAL February 20, 1781
Two whaleboats from New Brunswick take two prizes into Raritan
NJ A2, V, 196.

NAVAL July 12, 1781
British and French exchange cannonade in Hudson River opposite
Frog's Point.
NJA 2, V, 272.

NAVAL July 26, 1781
Americans take sloop off Long Beach.
NJA 2, V, 279.
Hornor, Monmouth, 78.

NAVAL August 12, 1781
Privateer brig Venus (Am.) surrenders alter two hour battle with
ship Swallow (Br.).
NJA 2, V, 290.

NAVAL August 16, 1781
Four privateers attack HMS Swallow off the Jersey coast.
NJ A2, V, 290.

NAVAL August 22, 1781
Brigs Sampson arid Muses attack HMS Swallow but fail to capture
NJA 2,V, 290.

NAVAL October 10, 1781
Americans take five prizes off Sandy Hook.
Hornor, Monmouth, 78.

NAVAL October 12, 1781
British take American prize.
Hornor, Monmouth, 78.

NAVAL October 18, 1781
Capt. Adam Hyler (Am.) takes sloop and two schooners off Sandy
NYHS Quarterly, 46, 299.

NAVAL November 10, 1781
Capt. Adam Hyler (Am.) takes British cargo ship Father's
Desire in Narrows (New York).
NJA 2, V, 322.

NAVAL December 15, 1781
Americans take two Refugee sloops in Narrows.
NJ Gazette, 2 Jan. 1782, 3.

NAVAL December 28, 1781
Asher Holmes and men seize British brig at mouth of Cheesequake
NJ Gazette, 2 Jan. 1782, 3.

NAVAL January 3, 1782
American whaleboat recaptures the cruiser Betsey (Am.) from the
Barber & Howe, 134.



NAVAL January 19, 1782
American Dart takes Tory sloop Lucy.
Hornor, Monmouth, 79.

NAVAL March 10, 1782
British take rebel whaleboat and four men off Elizabethtown Point.
Hatfield, Elizabeth, 509,

NAVAL April 8, 1782
USS Hyder All takes General Monk in Delaware River.
Heston's Annals, 402.
NYHS Quarterly, 46, 319n.

NAVAL April 10, 1782
Tories in armed brig Arrogant capture "pettiager" [piragua or
canoe] and small boat with ten prisoners.
Hatfield, Elizabeth, 511.

NAVAL April 19, 1782
Americans take naval prize during combined naval and land action
with Tories near Staten Island.
NYHS Quarterly, 46, 300.

NAVAL May 5, 1782
American privateer takes British Old Ranger off Egg Harbor.
NJA 2, V, 453.

NAVAL May 18, 1782
Americans capture British ship off Egg Harbor.
NJ A 2, V, 449.

NAVAL May 22, 1782
Capt. Thomas Quigley (Am.) captures ship and takes it to
Staten Island.
NJA 2,V,453.



NAVAL December 15, 1782
Capt. Nathan Jackson of the Greyhound captures schooners Dolphin
and Diamond off Sandy Hook and takes them to
Egg Harbor.
Salter, Monmouth, 79.
NJ Gazette, 18 Dec. 1782, 3.

NAVAL March 3, 1783
Capt. Thomas Quigley (Am.) takes sloop Katy.
Clayton, Middlesex, 96.

NAVESINK February 13, 1777
British kill Pvt. Alexander Clark in skirmish.
NJA 2, 1, 291-293.
NJDOD #1145.

NAZARETH, PA. June 26, 1779
Indian scalping party is active ten miles from Easton.
NJA 2, 11I, 514-515.

NEW BRIDGE November 17, 1776
Tories overrun post near New Bridge.
Bergen HS, 1906-1907, 49.

NEW BRIDGE September 11, 1777
Sir Henry Clinton leads foraging raid into the Jerseys intended
to be a diversion for Gen. William Howe's
Philadelphia campaign.
NJA 2, 11, 42-44.

NEW BRIDGE September 14, 1777
Lt. Col. Aaron Burr attacks British outpost.
Leiby, Hackensack, 135.
NJA 2, 11, 42-44.



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