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Chester Township (Moorestown) Minute Book

The transcript below was done by Bayard Kraft and has been re-entered into electronic format by Sone of our project members. It covers the years 1692-1721, although the town fathers, being thrifty, apparently made some later entries on these pages. It is not the entire document. We're working on that. Note thatMr. Kraft had a habit of using fs whenever he encountered tall skinny s's. So, for instance, assessors may in some spots be rendered affeffors or something like it.

We are grateful to Mr. Kraft for his work of transcription and especially to our hard working contributor who made publication possible..

Page 18


Transcribed from the Original

Records by Bayard R. Kraft

Moorestown, NJ

Beginning 1692

Again by S. Homer

Moorestown, NJ  2003





Whereas the Inhabitants of the townshipp of Chefter Allais ponsokeing have thought fitte And mutually Agreed Uppon that if Any of ye house houlder Residenth within the sd townshipp Doth neglect his serovice Att mendings of Bridgres and High Ways within our townshipp having A Lawfull Sumones shall pay or causse to be payd three shillings per day for defalt of --- May 26 1692




Being the 1 Day of January 1693


Whereas the Inhabitants of the Townshipp of Chefter alias ponfokean hath had A town metting conserninge the town Biffness as foloweth chossing of constabl And overseers of HeighWay & Ordering of them that neglectad their service att mending & Repairinge of ye High Ways the Lasy year to pay their fine three shilling per Day as foloweth



                                                                        1       s        o

Moure Coxe                  0         3         0

Elias Toy                      0         3         0

Frederick King              0         3         0

Will Harvie                   0         3         0

John Ford                     0         3         0

Thomas Moff                0         3         0

John Walker                  0         3         0


Whereas the Inhabitants of the Townshipp of Chefter have had townmeetting on this 18th day of March 1693        Feffors Chossen for the County Taxe alfo the same for the Pnincciale Taxe and also colecttors for the cathoring of the sd Taxe


John Rudderow


Jamef Shernynn


Thomas Frence          Collector





1714   Matthew Allen                    1741  Joshua Humipris

1715   David Walker                     1742  John Cowperthwait

1716   Thomas Mackney                1743  Sameuell Stockes

1717   John Chambers          1744  Ezekel Hardon

1718   Simon Clifton

1719   William Matlack

1720   Thomas Lipincot

1721   Henrey Warinton

1722   James Laconey

1723   Robert Stiles

1724   Joseph Stockes

1725   Willaim Heulings Juner

1726   John Rudderow Juner

1727   Francis Hoggset

1728   Jacob Lipincutt

1729   John Ward

1730   George Hollinshed

1731   Frederick Toy

1732   Natthan Middleton

1733   Edward Clemons

1734   Joseph Claypole

1735   Joseph Fargurson

1736   Philip Wallis

1737   Peter Philips

1738   Thomas Meeer

1739   Joseph Budein

1740   Richard Heritage






Page 3

It is Agreed uppon By the Inhabytants of the Townshippe of Chefter Alias Ponfokeing yt the Conftable for ye Townshippe is to be Locally Choofed By ye Inhabitants of Chefter Townshipp By voat & the mager coat   Careys itt



1694   James Hernyn

1695   Mahlon Allen

1696   William Maklack

1697   Stephen Toy                       1712  Thomas Addames

1698   Frederick King          1713 Abraham Hulings

1698  Jufta Fish in the place

of Frederick King

1699 Moune Coxe

1700 John Cowperthwait

1701 Moune Coxe

1702 John Rudderowe

1703 Robert Stiles

1704 James Adames

1705 Thomas French

1706 Isaace Conero

1707 Joseph Heritage

1708 Samuell Burgefs

1709 Anthoney Frier

1710 John Roberts

1711 Philop Packer


Page 4                                                               right


Thereas the inhabitants of the townshipp of Chefter By all Confent thought fitt to have every            perticelar within the bounds of the townshipp       to Entter & Record their Cattels Eear marks in the town Boooke or Record

As followeth

                           EAR MARKS


Frederick Toy sucsedes to his fathers mark

Elias Toy is Acropp of ye far ear & A flitt in ye Grope And A halfe jade   ye under ride of the neer ear


Fredericke Kinge is Acroppe of ye far ear And A halfe   gad in ye croppe & A croff flitt under  the fame ear



Moune Shens is A crope of the near year and A halfe gad the under side the same year



John Roberts is a flitt Down Aloung each ear & nothing elfe



Thomas Wallis is A habeney the under fide of each eare And A flanting flitt the under fide of the near ear



Stephen Toy is a helfe peney under the near eare And A flitt A Lounge the midell of the far ear



John Cowperthwaitte is two halfe under side of the near ear



James Sherwinn is A flitt A Loung each eare And halfe peney the ouder fide each ear


Burgis is fuscseder of James Sherwin his brand S B



John Rudderow is A halfe gad the upper side of each ear


Danel Conron his year mark is a Slit in the near year & a halpeney the fore part & a Swallow forke in the  for year & a halpeney the back part



Edward Peak   juner is A Half peney under the far ear And A flitt A Lounge the Midele of the near ear



Hans Ponoro his ear markeis Crop the topo of







Page 4                                             left

It is Agread upon by the Inhabitants of the Tonefxhip of Chester

for the ouverfeurs of the poer to be chosan by vote and the

magor vote shall carrie it.



1702  Thomas Wallis                        1725  John Coperthwait

         Abraham Hillings                             Henrey Warinton


1707  Hugh Sharp                            1726  John Coperthwait

         John Coperthwait                             Samell Atkinson


1708  Thomas French                       1727  John Coperthwait

         John Hollinshed                               Samell Atkinson


1709  Robert Stiles                                    1728  John Coperthwait

         William Hollinshed                                   Samuel Atkinson


1710  Willaim Matlack                      1729  John Coperthwait

         John Chambers                                Sameuell Atkinson


1711  James Addames                       1730  John Chambers

                                                               James Leeconey

1712  Joseph Heritage


1713 Samell Burges                          1731  Danel Comron

                                                               John Brooks

1714 John Roberts


1715  Elias Toy                                1732  John Rudderrow  Juner

         John Rudderrow                               Mathias Brack        iwn


1716  Matthew Allen                         1733  William Mcllinshed  Juner

         William Matlack                               Jacob Lipinccut


1717  Thomas Lipincot                     1734  Phillip Wallis

         Simon Clifton                                  James Sherwin


1718  Matthew Allen                         1735  Joseph Brown

         James Shearwin                                Frederick Toy


1719  Matthew Allen                         1736  Joseph Claypol

         James Sherrwin                                Canel Toy


1720  James Adames                         1737  George Matlack

         Anthoney Frier                                 Nathan Middleton


1721  David Walker                                   1738  George Matlack

         Joseph Stoakes                                Nehemiah Heins


1722  Thomas Lipincot                     1739  George Matlack

         Thomas Adames                               Nehemiah Heins


1723  Joshua Wright                        1741  John Milborn

         Henrey Warinton                              Nehemiah Heins


1724   John Coperthwait               

Henrey Warinton







March 7

1745/6    Charls French his Ear mark is a Half Crop o the off Year on the under side a Crop on the near Ear & a Halpeny on the uper Side of the Ear


     Edward Pattisons Ear mark is a Crop a top of theNear Ear & 2 Slits in                                      Page 18

the further Ear Succeeder to Hugh Sharp Juner April 13th 1747


              Thomas Warrington’s Ear mark is a Crop on the top of each Ear & a Halpeny Under Side each Ear August 27th.  1747


              Thomas Lippincot Sur Ear mark is a Crop of the further Ear & a Halpeny the upper Side the near Ear & a Halpeny the under Side the Same Octobr.  12th.  1747


              John Morris Ear Mark is a Crop the top of the near Ear & a Slit the under Side the off ear


March 16         Thomas Gills Ear Mark is a Whole in the Midle of Each

1749/50  Ear and a Crop on the Top of the off Ear


July 28   Darling Conrow’ Ear Mark is a Slitt

1750         in the Midle of the Near Eare and

a halpeny the Under Side the Same


Jenuary   Adom Shub’s Ear Mark is a Swallow

18        fork in the Near Eear and a Crop on the

1753   Top of the off Ear


Juney          Richard Shatterthwaite his Ear Mark is a Slitt

23                 Down the Middle of the Near Ear and a Crop the under

1753            Side of the Same half way Downy Slitt


Ephram Stiles Ear Mark is a halfpeny in the under

Side and the upper Side of the Off Ear and a Swallow forke

In the Near Ear              March ye 11th 1755



Ear Marks Continued in page 60

















Single page marked 18







Page 19

Oversears of the Pooer



     Nehemiah Heins

     Edweard Clemons



     John Milborn

     Nehemah Heins



     John Roberts

     Hugh Hollinshed



     Lacelet Brown

     Auther Burdal



     Peter Phillips

     Matthew Allon


     Frances French Ear Mark is a Crop on

     the Top of the Near Ear & a Slit the under

     Side the off Ear, Entered 14th Janna    1785



Abraham Warrington’s Ear Mark, is a half

Crop the under Side of Each Ear

November ye 29th   1786—


















Single page marked page 19




Page 20


By vertue of A warante Granted foorth Bye John Adams Bearing datte the

20 of December in ye year of our Lord 1700   To sumons in All the

Inhabitants & freeehoulders of the township of Crefter Alias

ponfakean for to                      Conftable & overfeer for the next year


Whereas there was A town Meeting held Bye Vertu of the forefth Warante

the 23rd day of the foresd December for Electing & shooffing A Conftable

By general Voat have chofen Mounc Porge for the next year for to ferve

the Ofice of A Conftable furthermore by Major voat of the Inhabitants &

freehoulders thay have chefen James Adams for the Overfeer of the High

Ways the fucceeding year Being the year of our Lord 1;700:1

And further the freehoulders have Agreed uppon that Every on of the

freehoulders or Inhabitants that neglectenth coming to the town meeting

After hauving Lawfull fumons shall pay the fum of two shilling & fiave

penc fine for not Appearing exept the partie that for neclecteth sheweth

suficient Refon to the fattisfaction of the Reft of the freehoulders that

he would not be coming

And further the Agreed that the town Meetteeng should Be held att the

Dwelling houf of John Adams for the prefent And that they shall

meet there By 11th of the Clocke in the morening














Only a single page numbered 20



Page 29  ye      right


ye 9 day of Desember in ye year of our Lord 1702

then our township of Chester being met togather at the hous of thomas

Wallis   and have mutually agreed that James Adams shall serve Constable

for the ensuing year and it is allso it is agred that Gorge glane Junior

is to serve for overser of the highwais for ye yeare ensuing and it is

also agred that John Coperthoyt and Heugh Sharpe is to be oversears of

the poor this yeare


Allso it is agreod that Abraham heulings or who also Shall be apointed to

be Clarke Shall have for theyr trouble Six Shillinge a yeare


Itt is mually agreed that when Abraham heulinge leaveth this town that

Heugh Sharp is to be Clarek in his roome



Joseph Heritage entred to be Clarke the 21 day of febry 1709

















Nothing was written on page 28 left




30   right


Att our town meeting ye 24 of Jenuary  1703

By vertue of a warrend given from ye Court of Quarter Sessions by adiuzment

hold on ye 22th day of Desember last past upon the County of Burlington for

the finishing and Repairing the Court hous and prison in Burling               aforesaid

And in pursuance of ye aforesaid warend  Wee haye Chosen Elias Coye     Thomas

wallis     John Coperthoyt   John Rudrow    Sessory and William hancy and

Heugh Sharp   Colectors

By virtue of a warrant bearing Date ye 7 Day of January in ye year aforsaid



att our town meeting ye 18 Day of Nouomber 1703

att the house of Thomas Wallis it was mutualy agred that Thomas French is

to be Constable and William hackny is to be overseer of high ways for the

ensuing yeare


att our town meeting ye 21 of January 1704

att the hous of Thomas wallis by virtue of a warrant dated Burlington

Nova Cesana the twenty fifth day of January 1704 pursuant to a act of

asembly past the last session entitled and act for  the Raising of a r

Revanye for ye suport of her Maiesties government wtin This Province

in obedience to it wee have given a list of dublicate
















Page ye 31         right


at our townmeeting held ye 21 of september 1705

by vertue of a warrant bearing date ye 8 day of september for ye finishing

of ye prison and Court hous ye meting being held a the hous of Jacob

heulinge and theare and then wee Dide Chuse  John hollingshead to

Colector of the aforie Said tax we doe apoint John Cowperthwaite and

Jacob heulings to be assesors allso we do Chuse Isaac Conorad to be

Constable        By vertue of a town mitting held att the houss of

Jasop Heulings this 17th day of July 1706


By major voatt of the  Inhap Elected Anthoney freyer to  be

Constable for the surreering:


att ouer towne meeding held at the houss

of James Adames march the 4 diay 1710

it was a greeed that thear Should be

raised this Sum of fouer pounds for

defraying Charges Thomas Adames asseser

to be payd in to the hands of James Adames

& Anthoney frier at or before the first Diay

of Aprill next ensuing














Page 31 left had no writing of any kind on it



Page ye 32       right


By virtue of a warrant baring date ye 10 of July and

the town being met at the hous of Jacob heulings

pursuant:  it is mutually agreed that Sammuell

Burgis is to be Constable for the insuing yeare

allso it is mutually agreed that willaim

Kaekleeh and John Hollinshead is to  oversears

and Thomas french

of the poore for the insuing yeare

This 14 day of July 1707


by urby of Judgment baring date ye 27 of nonember

1707 for reasing of mony for Gooder holtt in

whearof we havegiven order for the Raising

of four pounds ten pense


the 7 of ye 7 mon 1708

By vertue of a Townmeting held this Seventh Day of the above sid fristant

at the houss of Will Hackneys for the Township of Chester, it was then

mutalyed agred by the Said inhabitants that Robert Stiles and Will Holingshead

are Chosen oversseer of the pore for the next year Ensuing


By vertue of the above Town meting that Elias Toy   John Copathrayt and

Jacop Heulings were Chosen Sasers for the Raising of five pounds and nineteen

Shillins and Eight pense for the Defreing of Charges of a suit depending

against John Holinshead and to be paid into the hands of Abram Heulings

Jacob Heniling and James Adams ar any one of them by the fiftenth og this

Instant september


The Township allowed Joseph heritage one pound and fifteen Shillins six

 pence for the trobel and Charge that he was at about Goodder Holter


The Township hath Receivd of Josepth Heritage twoo pounds and

ten shillins and fore pence being the Ramainder of the fore pounds

five shillins and ten pence which was ordered and gathered about by

the town meeting 14 of July 1707


By virtue of a townmeting held this 21 day of february

they william macklack and John Chambers is chosen

ye overseres of the poore for the nex year Insung












Page ye 33       right


7 of the 8 month 1708


By vertue of a town meeting held this Seventh og the Eight month one thousand

seven hundred and Eight at James Addams house for the inhabitants of Chester

that then the Colecters for the Last tax given at the Last town meting ddd

then bring In their amunts and did bring them selves in Crede to the town

thirteen shillins and seven pence halpeny which the inhabitants doe agre

to pay out of their       now in hand.


By vertue of the above said metting wee have Chosen John Copathawrt and Thomas

Franch for Sesers for the Raising of Six pounds and fife Shillins ten

pence for the defreing Charges yt may inour of upon this Township of Chester

and wee have also Chosen Hugh Sharp and James Adams           of the said

money and they to          billfurder orders and that Every one of thee said

Inhabitants ti pay it into their hands at or bebore the nine and twenteth of

this futth october


the Town also aggress that wilt Hackny shall have Eight shillins

for Charges about Goodman Hold  0----8----0

also they agree that James Adames

shall have three shillins --------------0----3----0

and also they agree that Joseph Heretage

shall have three shillins --------------0----3----0

also they agree that Will Parks

shall have two shillins and six pence

for Charges about Goodman hold –0-----2----0

and also it is agreed that Eighteen shillins and nine pence being in bank shall

be paid to James Addames hands till furder orders or Demanded by us the



Receved 18 Shillings & 9 pence of the

above Said money                        Receved

for              to the assembley for a bridg over ancocas

according to order by Thomas french & James Adames it

being                   by             it was not wait when disust














Page ye 34       right


By vertue of a Warant baring date ye Eightenth of the tenth month one

thoufand seven and Eight purfant to ye Said warant the inhabitants are heir

together to Raife two pounds and three shillins and six pence two pounds

being for ye Repairing of ye Cort houfs and the other three Shillins and

six pence for the warant and treafurers feefs wherof we have Chofan Hugh

Sharp and John Holenhead Sefsers at this Town meeting held at James Adams

hous one the day above Said and Jofeph Heritage and Anthy Fryer     Colecters

Chofen at this Town meeting held at James Adams houfs ye 30th of ye tenth

mon 1708


it is alfo mutaly Agreed by ye above inhabitans that Mount Skine shall

serve the office of an over feere of the highways for the year Enfuing


its is  alfo Agreed by ye Said Inhabitans that John Holinhead shall be

Conftabel for ye next year Enfuing


By vertue of a townde metting held the 21 Day of february 1709 John

Hollinshed was chosen to be constable for the ensuing yeare


Martch ye 21 1708

Receved of Anthoey frier Collecttor for the

Township of Chester tow pounds being their

part for Repayoring the Court hous and three

Shillings and six pence for ye warrant Receving

and paing    Receved by William Buftill













Page ye 34  left

Memorandum made Anno 1823


Whereas I ASA MATLACK of Chester Township being in the

Store of Ellis Stoke’s, the Town       he having the Town

book upon the counter; offered to loan the same, to  me

which I accepted of:  brought it home with me & copied

out therefrom all that I thought would ever interest me

into a book (which my Reader may refer to for more) the first

said book being very ancient; & all to pieces:  a new one

being also now procured, I judge this old one will now

soon be intirely Lost-------this sheet being the first

one of the Sd book intirely loose: & now deemed of no value

by any Inhabitant of Sd Township (but by myself) and

the names, letters, & marks of all the inhabitants (or I pre

sume nearly so)  of Sd Township of Cheseter make by their own

hands upon this sheet ------ I hope to preserve the same for the

sake of its antiquity


Asa Matlack



















Page ye 35       right


By Vertue of Town meting held at James Adames this Sixteenth

Day of the tenth month one thoufand Seven hundred and nine

by the inhabitants of the Township of Chester

it was then mutily agreed by the Said Inhabitants that Hugh sharp shall

have Six shillins for wrighting for the Said Town for the year paft and

he shall have alfo seven shillins for delivering in a  petition fot he afenbly

at amboy for the building of a Bridg over Ancokes and that he shall be

paid when the new Tax is gathered for the defreing of Charges of

the above Said Town        Receved the abovesaid 13 shillings of the

pound by the hands of James Adames the first Day of march 1713


It is alfo agreed that Jame Adames and Thomas french shall have nine shillins

and six pence alowed them for Delivering in the above Said petition to the

Afembly man Hugh Sharp and for the writing of the fame and that it shall be

alowed out of the money which James Adams hath in bank already


To the Conftable of Chester greeting

Thou art hereby required to bring to me or John

Reading a true and perfect lift of all the Inhabitants

refidents housholders Sojourners and freemen within your

Said Town on or before the tenth day of Aprill next

enfueing the date hereof or appoint them to meet

me with thy Self at the house of John Lambert

on the Second day of Aprill next by ten in the morning

then and theare togive me an account of their tax

able eftates  purfuant to an act of Afsembly Intituled

an act for Support of her majeftjes goverment of

Nova Ceefarie or New jerfery     given under my hand

this 26 Day of the month Called March 1711


John Willis      Afefsor










Page ye 36       right


May the 29 1710

By vertue of a warrant Baring Date the 20 Day

of May 1710 By the hands of Thomas Renell Justice

For Sumonsing of the Inhabitants of the Township of

Chester to a townd metting in persuanc theare of wee

proseed By the vertew of the townd metting

a levey layd amounting to the sume of Ctt13 ----S3

for the Defraying of Severall Charges

And further it is agreed that John Rudderow

Willam Hackeny & James Addams is apoynted

by the Inhabitants of the township aforfaid

to proseed in the behalfe of the Inhanitance to Solict

and proofed in a Suit of law against John

Hollinshed concerning the casway


January the 16   1710

by vertue of a warrant baring Date the

11 Day of january 1710 by the hands of Thomas

Renell Justice for Sumonsing of the Inhabitants

of the Townshippe of Chester to a townd  meeting

in pursuanc theare of we proseed at the house

of James Adames and layd a teaxt for defraying

Severall Charges accruing upon the townd a

mounting to twenty pounds & ten shillings

to be payd to Johnn Rudderrow or James








There was nothing written on page 36 left


Pag ye 37     right

Free hold Jersey



Jacob Hulings

and Thomas French

1713     4

Thomas French

Thomas Adams


John Coperthwait

John Hollinshed


Elias Toy

Thomas Adams


Thomas Adams

Abraham Hulings


Abraham Hulings

Thomas Adames


Abraham Hulings

Thomas Adames


Thomas French

James Laconey


Willaim Matlack Juner

Thomas Hackney


William Matlack Juner

Thomas Hacknen


William Matlack Juner

James Shemein


Joseph Heritage

William Matlack Juner

1725    Thomas French

            Samenrell Atkinson

1726    Thomas French

            Samell Atkinson

1727    Thomas French

            Sameull Atkinson

1728    Thomas French

            Samell Atkinson

1729    Jacob Heulings Juner

            William Matlack

1730    Jacob Hulings Juner

            William Matlack

1731    Jacob Hulings

            Thomas Hackney

1732    Joseph Stockes

            Thomas Hackney

1733    Joseph Stockes

            Thomas Hackney

1734    Joseph Stockes

            Thomas Hackney


1735    Joseph Stockes

            Thomas Hackney


1736    Joseph Stockes

            Thomas Hackney


1737    Joseph Stockes

            Thomas Hackney


1738    Joseph Stockes

            Thomas Hackney


1739    Joseph Stockes

            Thomas Hackney


1740    Joseph Stockes

            Thomas Hackney


1741    Joseph Stockes

            Thomas Hackney


1742    Joseph Stockes

            Thomas Hackney


1743    Joseph Stockes

            Thomas Hackney


1744    Joshuah wright

            John Rudderrow






















There was no writing on page 37 left



Page ye 38       right

O C T O B er the 22 1713

by vertue of a warrand Baring Date the 15 Day

of OCTober 1713 by the hands of Jerimiah Bafs &

Robert Wheler Justises for Sumonsing of the Inhabitants

of the township of Chester to chouse Afsesors & ouer

Sears of the pooer in pursuance thear of we prosed

by majour Vote Samenell Burges and John Roberts

Choused for the over Sears of the pooer

by majour Vote John Copperhtwait & Thomas

Addames Afsefsors




















No writing on page 38 left








Page ye 39     right


At a townd meetting held at the house of John Wards

Juner this 14 Day of Agust  1719 by Veartue of a warrant

Baring Date the tenth day of Agust 1719 under the hand

of Hugh Sharpe for relefs for the Poer we prosead

and order that thear Shall be assessed and raised the

Sume of fouer pounds to be payd at or befoer the first

day of October next    Joseph Heritage assessor Anthony

Frier Colecter


At a townd meeting heled at  the house of Joseph

Stockes this ninetenth day of november 1742 by veartue

of warrant baring Date the thirteenth Day of November

1742 under the hand of John Hollinshed in order for

relefe for the Poor in order we prosead and order

that thear Shall be assessed the sum of Six pounds

to be paid in to the hands of the oversears of the

Poor with all Expedition in order for relefe of the



At a townd meeting held at the house of Lancelot

Brown in the TownShip of Chester in the County of Bur

lington this twenty ninth day of December 1743 by vertue

of warrant baring date the twenty third day of

December 1743 under the hand

of John Hollingshed Jn order we prosed and

order that thear Shall be afsesed the sum of

ten pounds for the relefe of the Poor to be

paid into the hands or the Oversears of the

poor with all Expedition in order for relefe

Of the poor


At a townd meeting held at the house of Thomas

Lippincyt in the TownShip of Chester in the County

of Burlington this 13 day of March 1743  4

it was conclude that thear Should assessed the

Sum of 15 pounds for the Relefe of the Pooer to be

paid in to the hands of the oversears of the Pooer

with all Expeditoin in order for relefe of the pooer












No writing on page 39 left



40   left


1717    Joseph Heritage                       Assesor           Thomas Hackney        Colecter

1718    Joseph Heritage                       Assesor           John Coperthwait        Colecter

1719    William Hollinshed                 Assesor           Thomas Lipincot         Colecter

1720    Joseph Heritage                       Assesor           John Coperthwait        Colecter

1721    Joseph Heritage                       Assesor           John Coperthwait        Colecter

1722    Samell Atkinson                      Assesor           John Coperthwait        Colecter

1723    Samell Atkinson                      Assesor           Thomas French           Colecter

1724    Samell Atkinson                      Assesor           John Hollinshed          Colecter

1725    Joseph Heritage                       Assesor           Thomas Lipincot         Colecter

1726    Joseph Heritage                       Assesor           Williem Matlack          Coleter  Juner

1727    Joseph Heritage                       Assesor           Joseph Stockers          Colecter

1728    Joseph Heritage                       Assesor           James Dunlape            colecter

1729    Joseph Heritage                       Assesor           Joseph Stockes            Colecter

1730    Joseph Heritage                       Assesor           Joseph Stockes            Colecter

1731    Joshua Wright Juner               Assesor           Thomas Lipincut         Colecter

1732    Joshua Wright Juner               Afsesor            Thomas Lipincut         Colecter

1733    Joshua Wright Juner               Assesor           Thomas Lipincut         Colecter

1734    Joshua Wright Juner               Assesor           Sameull Atkinson        Colecter

1735    Sameuell Atkinson                  Asesor             Thomas Hakney          Colecter

1736    Sameuell Atkinson                  Assesor           Lancelot Brown           Colecter

1737    Sameuell Atkinson                  Asser               Lancelot Brown           Colecter

1738    Joshua wright                          Afsesor            Thomas Hackney        Colecter

1739    Joshua wright                          Afsesor            John Milbern               Colecter

1740    Joshua wright                          Assesor           Lancelet Brown           Colecter

1741    Joshua wright                          afsesor Lancelet Brown           Colecter

1742    Joshua wright                          Assesor           Thomas Coperthwait   Colecter

1743    Danel morgan                          Assesor           Thomas Coperthwait   Colecter

1744    Joshua Bispham                      Afseror                        Uhemiah Heins            Colecter















No writing on page 40 right





41        right


ye 8: 10 mo 1719          Then Received of Thomas Lipincote the Sume of

                                    fourteen pounds & six penc in cash which with ye Sefsors fees

                                    Eleven shillings & six pence & the Colecters fees seven

                                    shillings & six pence makes in all – 14  -19  -6d new money

                                    for the Township of Chester

                                    I say Received as a bove per mee

                                                Richard Smith Co Colecter


ye 9:  1 mo 1719           Received more of him fower Shillings all being the provin

                                    tiall tax for support of Government

                                                per mee   Richard Smith


Received this  9th of 1 mo  1719 of Thomas Lipincote in cash the sume

of one pound three shillings & firve pence & Discounted with him

for ye assesors and Colecters wages ye sume of one Shilling and eight

pence halpeny which makes in all 1  -  5 -  1  -  2/1  --------------------------

being in part of County tax for ye township of Chester

                                                            I say Received as a bove per mee

ye 4: mo3  1720 Received more of ye a bove mentioned tax      Richard Smith

                                    three Shillings & eleven pence   2d per mee Richard Smith


Received ye 9: 1mo  1719 of Thomas Lipincot in Bills of Credit at

at eight Shillings per OZ ye sume of three pounds and tenn shill

ings with                             being adedd makes it  L 3 – 17 –0  York

which being Reduced to proclamation is three pounds & fore

Shillings & tenn pence being part of the Rearage tax fo the

township of  Chester    I say Recevced as above per mee Richard

alfo difcounted his one & ye afsesors fees fower                   Smith Co Coll

Shillings & feven pence which makes ye ye

  hole sume L 9  -  9—5 new money per me Richard Smith


Ye 4:  3mo  1720  Received more of ye a bove mentioned tax the

sume of Six Shillings & fower pence       /2 d per mee Richard



Receved of The Lipincot Colectore for ye Town ship of Chester the

fum of  Eleven pounds nine shillings Proclamation money it

being in full of the within mentioned Dublicate I say Receved

this 10 of November 1725 per            The Hunlocke County Colector


Reed of Thomas Lippincot Colector for ye Township of

Chester the Sum of Five pounds which is in full of

the within mentioned Dublicate   I say Recd this 29 of

March 1726            Per Tho Hunloke County Colector








42        right


Receved of Thomas Lippincot  Colector for Township


of Chester the sum of Eight pounds shellings &


five pence which is in part of the within Lublicate


I say   Recd this 27  November  1731

                                    Per Thomas Hunloke

                                    County Colector


Receved of Thomas Lippincoat Colector for the Township of

Chester the sum of seven pounds six shillings which is in

part of the with in mentioned Dulicate   I say Receved this

5 of Aprill  1733

                                    Per Tho Hunloke

                                                County Colector


Recd of Thomas Lippincoat Colector for the Township

of Chester the sum of fouer pounds Eleven Shillings &

nine pence which is in part of the within mentioned

Dulicate Recd this 27th of November  1733

                                    Per Tho Hunloke County Colector


Receved of Sameuell Atkinson Colector for the Township

of Chester the sum of Eight pounds nineteen Shillings &

one peny which is in part of the within mentioned sum

I say  Receved this 14 day of January  1734


                        Per Tho Hunlock  County Colector


























42        left


Matlack Colector for the Township

of Seaventeen pounds thirteen Shillings

is in full pay of the with in mentoned

Recved this Second day of november one

dred & twenty Six

            Per Tho:  Hunlocke County Colector


Stockes Colector for the Township of Chester

pounds Eighteen Shillings which is in

mentioned Dublicate   I say Receved this

ber 1727  Per Thomas Hunlocke County



elap Colector for the Township of Chester the

ounds nineteen Shillings which is part of

ed Dublicate   I say Recd this 4 of november

Hunloke County Collector


Stockes  Colector for the Township of Chester

pounds Thirteen Shillings which is in

mentioned Dublicate I say Recd

embor1729 per Thomas Hunlock County Colector


Stockes Colector for the Township of

Seven pounds forentten Shillings

of the within mentioned dublicate

of november 1729 per Tho Hunlak

                        County Colector


Stoakes Colector for the Townshipp of Chester

pounds & tenn shillings which is in part

tioned Dublicate   I say Receved this

per Thomas Hunloke   County Colector


paks Colecter for the Townshipp of

Contents of the within metioned Dublicate

12 d of may 1730

            per Thomas Hunlock   County Colector



















1720                reced then of John Copperthwait Colecter for ye

                        Township of Chester in CASH fower pounds Six Shill

                        and 4:d/z & discounted for wages five Shillings & 7

                        makes in all ye Sume of fower pounds & twelve Shil

                        being in full as appears per Duplycat for the Towne

                        provintiall tax for the year one thousand Seven hun

                        & twenty   I say Received as a Bove by mee

                                                            Richard Smith

                                                            Co. Collector

                                                            Vari Copia



no 1720            Received then of John Copperthwait Colector

                        for Chester in Vermont Certifiecates one pound

                        Shillings & in Cash fivue pounds three Shillings

                        and discounted the Sesors wages Six Shillings &

                        which makes in all Ye Sume of Seven pounds eight

                        nine pence being in part for that towns County

                        for ye year 1720  I say

                                                            Receved by mee

                                                Richard Smith  Co: Colltor

d                                                          Vari Copia



9mo1720           Reced of John Copperthwaite Collector

                        for ye TownShipp of Chester in Cash on pound

                        Shillings & d3 & Difcounted for wages fower Sh

                        which makes in all one pound six shillings & d/8

                        full as appears by Duplicate for that Towns Coun

                        for the year 1720   I say Recd as a Bove by mee

                                                            Richard Smith

                                                            Cc Collector

                                                            Veri Copia


6          8


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