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Records of Old Gloucester County

During the Great Depression, the Works Progress Administration put a lot of people to work doing a variety of useful things. One of those things was the transcription of a large number of early documents relating to old Gloucester County. The folks who worked on this called themselves The Gloucester County History Project (No, we didn't know when we picked our name). They worked with beat up typewriters in a less than perfect environment and produced an amazingly good set of transcriptions. The records published here have been scanned and ocred from copies of the transcripts. Persoms familiar with the WPA documents will notice some departures from that format. However, we have worked to get the content right and hope that the results of our efforts are useful.

We would like to thank the Gloucester County Historical Society, home of the orginal documents on which this work is based, for their help and encouragement.

Records of Old Gloucester County - Contents
Slavery Records    



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