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Gloucester County Slavery Records - Minutes of Inquest

M I N U T E S * OF * I N Q U E S T



G1ou ...........) INQUISITION INDENTED and taken at Waterford in the said
County ........) County Before Joseph Kaighin one of the Corner of our
[....................] Lord the King for the Said County of the Eighteenth Day
[....................] of September in the year of our Lord one Thousand Seven
hundred and forty eight Upon View of the Body of a certain female
Infant ton and there Lying Load Born of the Body of Negro Bette
being the Sevant of John Borrough of Waterford aforo Said upon
the Oaths and affirmations of Richard Bidgood Edward Hampton Simon
Breach Thomas Winchman Isaac Matlack Jonathen Oxford Jonathan French
Job Siddon James Wheyland George Moor Garrett Burn Joseph Cowgill
Nathan Walton John Stocks and Ezechiol Linzoy good and. Law full men
of Said County being Legally Sworn and Affirmed to Enquire how and
in what Manner the said Infant Came to her Death Upon their oaths and
affirmations Do Say That (According to the best of their knowledge) the
Said Negro Bett Not having the fear of God Before her Eyes but being
moved & Seduced by the Instigation of the Devill; On the Seventeenth
Day of this instant September At Waterford aforosd. in ye County aforesd
Did make an Asult upon the Said female Infant then and there being in
the peace of God and of our Said Lord the King And that the Said Negro
Bett Did feloniously vclentarly and of her Malice forethought Strangle
and Suffocate the Infant aforesd, with her hands and tieing a leather
String about the neck of ye said Infant of which Strangling and Suffoca-
tion the said Infant at Waterford aforesd in the Said County Immediately
Died and so the Jurors aforsd. Do Say the Said Infant Came to the Death.
In Testimony where of the Said Coroner and Jury hereunto Interchangably
Set their hands and Seals the Day and year first above written

Jos. Kaighn Corner (Seal) Job Siddons (Seal)
Richard (X) Bidgood (Seal) James Whelan (Seal)
Edward Hampton (Seal) Garrit Byrn (Seal)
Simon Breach (Seal) George Moore (Seal)
Thomas Hinchman (Seal) Joe: Cougill (Seal)
Isaac Mutlock (Seal) Nathan ( his) (Seal)
Jonathan Oxford (Seal) (mark)
Jonathan French (Seal) Job Stokes (Seal)
  Ezekiel Linzey (Seal)



Inquisition of an
Infant born of Negro Bett
Considerabl Smelling



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