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Index of Camden County Road Returns

These documents are derived from the Road Return Books of Old Gloucester County, Burlington County, The Court Records of Old Gloucester County and the Gloucester Township Minute Book. A road return is a survey of the route of a road that has either been proposed or that will be modified. It is possible that some roads may predate their first survey. Camden County, the location of the roads mentioned in these indices, was split off from Gloucester County in 1844.

Ed Fox, who put this material together, went through the aformentionsed sources and made note of such persons and places as he could determine to be associated with roads now in, or running in to, Camden County. The index covers a time period from the mid-eighteenth century to 1825.

This version of the index is exhaustive and that said, the OCR’d version of the index is less than perfect. However, as with other documents presented here, we determined that it is better to get something useful, albeit flawed, out instead of waiting for perfection. The good news is that a cleaned up version is already in the works.

Finally, if anyone has time on their hands and wants to do this for the other West Jersey counties, please let us know. It would be great to cover the whole territory. Finally, these are coming out in sections so that’s why everything isn’t there yet..

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Burlington County Road Book A
Burlington County Road Book B
Gloucester County Road Books A Note: — This file is huge and will take a while to load.
Gloucester County Road Book B
Gloucester County Road Book C
Gloucester County Records


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