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Record of Upland Court

The Upland Court Record is one of the earliest colonial documents that touches on the history of West Jersey. The record, which runs from 1676 to 1681, documents the activities of one of the three regional courts set up by James Stuart, Duke of York, during the period that the Delaware Valley was under his jurisdiction. The court, which typically met at Upland in Chester County, dealt with legal matters on both sides of the Delaware River. Its records are a valuable window into those times of early settlement and transition of government.

The text that appears here was scanned and OCR’d from a transcription made by Edward Armstrong that the Historical Society of Pennsylvania and J.B. Lippincott published in 1860. This is our first large OCR project. It is far from perfect and we plan to re do it.. Nevertheless,we felt that putting an imperfect something out here is vastly preferable to waiting for perfection. Re-scanning, and the addition of the introduction and end notes, will take place as we have time. If anyone would be interested in helping this project along, please let us know.

Finally, the calendar year ran from March to March back then so some of the pages designated as a certain year would, by our reckoning, contain information from the next year.

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