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Basic Colonial Documents

These documents are foundational to West Jersey history. They are the legal basis for all that happened afterward. Some of them show the Stuart Monarchs at their most liberal. Others are amazing for the breadth of their coverage.

These documents were all copied from the Avalon Project at Yale Law School. The Avalon project site contains transcriptions of all the various colonial charters as well (as with this collection) some other important early documents.

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The Duke of York’s Release to John Lord Berkeley, and Sir George Carteret, 24th of June, 1664
The Concessions and Agreement of the Lords Proprietors-1664
An Explanation of The Concessions1672
Grant to the Lords Proprietors, 29th July, 1674
The Fundamental Laws, of West New Jersey, — 1676
Quintipartite Deed : July 1st, 1676

Duke of York’s 2nd Grant to William Penn, et. al. August 6, 1680

Province Of West New-Jersey in America, The 25th of the Ninth Month Called November. 1681
Confirmation to the 24 Proprietors: 14th of March 1682
Surrender from the Proprietors of East and West New Jersey, 1702
Constitution of New Jersey; 1776


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