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 Historic Images of Hunterdon County

This collection of images is neither perfect nor complete. Still, it should provide something like a window, admittedly smudged in places, into Hunterdon County's past. Most of the inages are postcards. The vast majoriity of them date from between 1900 and 1930. Images from the Historic American Buildings Survey date from the mid 1930s and the early 1960s. With some exceptions, captions tend towards tersness, but information on this site and others may satisfy those who want more information.

It should be noted that the bulk of the images here were downloaded from a popular auction site, there is one importsnt exception. The Historic American Building Survey images from the Library of Congress which are identified by the letters HABS at the end of their captions.

Technical Note: When you click one one of the links below, it will take you to a page with large thumbnails of the images. From there you can click on a thumbnail to see the big picture and then use the mouse or your left and right arrow keys to browse through a collection. You can also scan the thumbnails and click on a particular image. The collections can also be viewed as a slide show by clicking on the arrow button at the bottom left below the image. The bigger your browser window, the larger the image will be

Alexandria Jutland Reavillle
Annandale Kingtown Riegelsville
Asbury Kingwood Ringoes
Baptistown Lambertville Rosemont
Bellewood Park (near Pattenburg) Lebanon Sand Brook
Bloomsbruy Little York Sergeantsville
Califon Locktown Stanton
Centreville Middle Valley Stockton
Cherryville Milford Three Bridges
Clinton Mountainville Unionville
Cokesbury Mount Pleasant Wertsville
East High Bridge New Germantown / Oldwick West Portal
Everittstown New Hampton White House and White House Station
Fairmount Norton Woodglen
Flemington Pattenburg
Frenchtown Penwell
Glen Gardner Pittstown
Grandin Quakertown
Hampton / Junction Raven Rock  
High Bridge Readington  


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