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 Maps from the Everts and Stewart Atlas of Mercer County New Jersey - 1875

The Everts and Steward Combination Atlas Map of Mercer County gives us a nice view of the area at the 19th century's three quarter mark. These maps are from the Library of Congress. They have been reformatted to allow their viewing without proprietary software. nother. The fikes range from just under 3 nb to around 7 mb and should viewable by most browsers.

One note: Chambersbueg, known to its ihabitants both real and fictional as "The Burg" was an independent borough in 1875. It ecame part of the city of Trenton on May 1, 1888.

East Windsor Township Chambersburg
Ewing Township Trenton - First and Fifth Wards
Hamilton Township Trenton - Second Ward
Hightstown Borough Trenton - Third and Fourth Wards
Hopewell Township Trenton - Sixth Ward
Lawrence Township Trenton - Seventh Ward
The villages of Pennington, Hopewell andTitusville
A Plan of Princeton
Princeton Township
Washington Township
West Windsor Township Overview map of Mercer County
Windsor, Hamilton Square, Yardville, Mount Rose, North Crosswicks, Woodville, Milford and Groveville Title Page


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