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NJ maps from the Atlas of Philadelphia and environs: G. M. Hopkins 1877

G.M Hopkins Atlas of Philadelphia and environs, published in 1877, is a great resourse. This collection includes maps fromBurlington, Gloucester and Camden counties. The Camden County maps are particularly useful, since, unlike Burlington and Gloucester, there is no period atlas for that county. Unfortunately, Hopkins, working true to his title, did not cover the whole county. Still, we have here an elegantly rendered set of maps that provide information on roads, place names, property owners and property lines that give us a good sense of the lay of the land in 1877.

Camden and Gloucester Counties
Camden City North
Camden City South
Centre Township
Chester Township
Delaware Township
Deptford Township
Greenwich Township
Haddon Township
Riverside and Palmyra
Stockton Township
West Deptford Township


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