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Meetingplace - Join the Project
The West Jersey Hisory Project is looking for help. So, instead of charging dues like some organizations, our only requirement for membership is that you volunteer time and ir materials to help the project. Now what do we mean by this? Well, when we talk about time we mean spending time transcibing early documents (by the way, if you transcibe it you get credit on the web just as you would in a book), scanning in material, retyping or OCRing older prinded documents that don't exist in electronic form, helping us get incorporated or get our 501c3 status and a host of other like things. By material we generally mean folks or organizations that have stuff (photos, documents, articles etc.) in their collections they wouldn't mind sharing with the world. It also applies to authors of local history articles that want to be published on the web and whose work passes inpection by our editorial staff. So please consider joining. We need all the help we can get. By hte way, none of the information you enter on this page will be sold or distributed to other organiztions. One other thing, the form will cause a warning to pop up when you submit it. If that troubles you just contact us via regular email.

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