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 Surveys - Joh Cement's Maps and Drafts

John Clement was a surveyor and judge who lived in Haddonfiel, Camden County, during the 19th century. He had what could be called an antiquarian bent and , as he did his work as a surveyor, often made note of historic documents and information that interested him. Some of this interest found its way into the 8 volume collection of Maps and Drafts. This collection does not represent everything he gathered. Nor, obviously, does it reprent the entire body of his work. Neverless, there is a great deal of material here which historians and geneologists might find useful. As with other surveys, these are not the easiest documents to work with. They are not searchable except by actually looking at them. Nevertheless, Patience may very well be rewarded.

These surveys are mostly located in Camden County with, I think, some brief excursions to Gloucester, Burlington and Atlantic Counties. They are provided in PDF format for you to view or download as needed. This is good stuff. I hope you find it helpful.

City Abstracts - All Camden City all the time Maps and Drafts Volume 4
Maps and Drafts Volume 1 Maps and Drafts Volume 5
Maps and Drafts Volume 2 Maps and Drafts Volume 6
Maps and Drafts Volume 3 Maps and Drafts Volume 7


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